The Diocese of Brooklyn Strikes Back

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by William Mahoney, Ph.D.  •  •  October 10, 2019   

New York Post: 'A jab at Mayor Bill de Blasio and first lady Chirlane McCray'

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NEW YORK ( - The city of New York snubbed the patron saint of immigrants so the diocese of Brooklyn will honor the saint with a float in the Columbus Day Parade.

Pope Leo XIII asked St. Frances Xavier Cabrini (1850–1917) and six other nuns to minister to immigrants in New York City in 1889. Popularly called "Mother Cabrini," the saint honored the Pope's request, ultimately making her the patron saint of immigrants.

Chirlane McCray, first lady of New York City, who tweeted in 2018 that "immigration status doesn't determine a person's fundamental constitutional rights [referring to abortion]," denied the patron saint of immigrants an honorary statue as one of New York's most important women.

If the city won't honor Mother Cabrini, we will honor her.
Mayor de Blasio and McCray at a pride march

In what the New York Post calls "a jab at Mayor Bill de Blasio and first lady Chirlane McCray," the diocese of Brooklyn is responding to McCray's exclusion of Mother Cabrini with an inclusion of the saint in the upcoming Columbus Day Parade.

"We're a little upset that Mother Cabrini wasn't included for a statue dedication," said Msgr. Jamie Gigantiello from the diocese of Brooklyn. "If the city won't honor Mother Cabrini, we will honor her."

The diocese will honor Mother Cabrini by substituting the float that typically promotes Catholic education with a float of the saint.

Forty to fifty adults and children will walk alongside the float that will be 30–40 feet long and occupy a prominent position front and center in the parade.

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A room in Gracie Mansion

where McCray resides

In her announcement of the New York statue project, known as "She Built NYC," McCray said: "The number of women, both known and unknown to history, worthy of recognition in New York City and New York City's public spaces is endless — which makes their exclusion so egregious and our campaign to honor them so urgent."

One of the seven women being honored was a drag queen ― a man who dresses up in women's clothes ― named Marsha P. Johnson.

Two others, Helen Rodríguez Trías and Sylvia Rivera, were pro-abortion activists.

Mother Cabrini became an American citizen in 1909, making her the first American citizen to be canonized in addition to being the patron saint of immigrants.

At her canonization on July 7, 1946, Pius XII held up Mother Cabrini as an exemplary, grace-filled woman:

Although her constitution was very frail, her spirit was endowed with such singular strength that, knowing the will of God in her regard, she permitted nothing to impede her from accomplishing what seemed to be beyond the strength of a woman.

Thus, with the help of grace, the humble institute of nuns which she founded in a short time spread through Italy, to America, and to many cities of the world. She gathered endangered youth in safe houses, and taught them right and holy principles. She consoled the spirit of the imprisoned, giving them comfort of life eternal and urging them to resume the right path and to remake an honest life. …

Mother Cabrini's resting place

Nations and peoples will learn from her ― who ardently loved her Fatherland Old and New and spread the treasures of her charity and labors even to other lands ― that they are called to constitute a single family, which must not be divided in ambiguous and destructive rivalry, nor dissolve itself in eternal hostilities, but join the brotherly love born from the commandment of Christ and His divine example.

Mother Cabrini's body rests in a shrine bearing her name about seven miles north from Gracie Mansion where Mayor de Blasio and First Lady McCray reside.

Church Militant reached out to the diocese of Brooklyn for comment but received no response as of press time.

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