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by Benjamin Starnes  •  •  August 13, 2021   

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We here at Church Militant are about to do something big, and could use your help. And there's precedent for what needs to happen.

Art Williams — a high school football coach — in 1977 founded a financial company called A.L. Williams to protect families. His crusade to revolutionize the life insurance industry led to becoming the No. 1 life insurance company in 1984 and the elimination of over 1,500 life insurance companies.

Williams explained: "At that time, I knew. We had a perfect formula — a perfect system to carry 'buy term and invest the difference' all over the United States. And I knew that if some company — I didn't know if we were the company — but I knew if some company did it, they were going to wipe this industry out."

Today, it's the mainstream media that needs to be shaken up like that.

To make us more competitive, today we announced plans for the Catholic Information Hour, which will roll out Sept. 8. The Download will immediately follow our Evening News program (which will be moved to 7 p.m. ET). 

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CNN has an anchor who calls sodomy "love." Another anchor counseled his sexually creepy governor-brother how to handle the scandal of groping women.

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Fox News has long been known as friendly to conservative viewpoints. But the network faced blowback after prematurely calling Arizona for Joe Biden on election night 2020. Their anchor, Chris Wallace — a Democrat — served as the ringside coach when Joe Biden was getting a beating by President Trump during the presidential debate.

Fox News has about 2 million nightly viewers. How might America improve if even some of those nightly viewers instead chose to watch Church Militant Evening News?

We need you to share your love of Church Militant with people you know and businesses you frequent. A fan of Church Militant did just that, and a local business owner voluntarily installed a TV in his restaurant — Royal Grill — so he could show Church Militant programming. Nobody asked him to do this.

Art Williams said, "We unleashed a movement on this industry that was absolutely mind-boggling. Prudential sold life insurance to make a living. That's the way all the enemy was. We sold life insurance to correct an injustice. It was a movement. It was unbelievable."

Giants can be slain. Davids can beat Goliaths. Communists can be humiliated. Church Militant Evening News can oust CNN, MSNBC and Fox.

Will you help Church Militant become America's trusted voice for all things political and religious?

Learn more by watching The Download—The Download.

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