The Download—A Chosen People, A Holy Nation

by Michael Voris, S.T.B.  •  •  May 20, 2016   

Our Manifest Destiny

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An excerpt from the final chapter of "Militant."

We are a royal priesthood, a chosen race, a holy nation, a people set apart. And for what precisely are we set apart? To save the world. Recall the words earlier of Pope St. Pius V about all the evil in the world being due to lukewarm Catholics. In that statement is the shining reality that Catholics who are holy, who live their faith with near-reckless abandon, have within our power sustained by the sacraments the ability to save the world. In fact, we have the commission to do this, the Divine Mandate.

Servant of God Fr. John Hardon once said, "Any Catholic who is not about the business of evangelization might never entertain a serious hope for the Beatific Vision." Stop for a moment and weigh the enormity of that proclamation. Without the desire and accompanying action to bring souls to Christ through his Holy Catholic Church, we will be damned. And this is fitting, for our nobility is rooted in the truth poured into us. And it is not given to us for merely our own sanctification and to remain a private affair. It is given to us to give to others.

Saint Francis de Sales poses the troubling thought that the surest way to Hell is to be a channel of grace — yes, a channel of grace. That is because a channel is merely that which something, like water, passes through without actually changing the channel. The channel is nothing more than a conduit. Judas was a channel fo grace. Caiaphas was a channel of grace. Pontius Pilate was a channel of grace. Our redemption was secured in part through the fact that these men were channels of grace. But their actions were evil. God can and does bring good effects from evil actions ("O Happy Fault"), but that does not convert the evil choice into something good. The action remains evil in and of itself.

What St. Francis de Sales counsels us to be are reservoirs, not channels, of grace. Reservoirs fill up with grace, and then having reached capacity, spill over to others without losing any of the grac themselves. This is our plan of action, to be "full of grace" to whatever our capacity, and spill it over to others. We must recall when it comes to the divintely mandated duty to save souls, the first one we must save is our own. It is, after all, the only one we have full and complete control over. We must protect her, guard her, nourish her, guide her. She is the spouse of Christ, and we must each see her safely home. We must bring her to the gates of the wedding feast of the Lamb, properly attired in her wedding garment given to us at baptism. We must cherish this garment and treasure our soul. She came from the very hand of the Almighty at the moment we were conceived, and we must attend to her as the divine creation she is.

Watch the panel discuss our mission and end as Catholics in "The Download—A Chosen People, a Holy Nation."


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