The Download—America 2.0

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by Christine Niles  •  •  October 11, 2016   

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America is experiencing a reboot — and not for the better. One of the ways moral evil has gained a foothold in society is through the media, seized by liberals long ago, and conservatives caught on too late. Even though the conservative voice has grown louder through the internet and conservative news networks, it may not be enough to stem the tide of social evil being transmitted non-stop through the organs of communication.

The late Fr. John Hardon, SJ referred to it as the "luciferian media," and in this presidential election season, it is working full-time to put its favorite candidate in the White House.

Sunday night, Hillary Clinton received a trouncing by Donald Trump at the second presidential debate, according to multiple commentators, including pollster Frank Luntz, who said Trump's performance put him "back in this race." Most online polls showed Trump won by overwhelming margins — but no matter.

Headlines still read that Clinton won the debate, or they write off the online polls showing a Trump win as "unscientific." Otherwise, they write off the results of polls posted on conservative sites as indicative of the bias of those who frequent the site — never mentioning that even on liberal sites, polls showed Americans believe Trump won.

The much-touted CNN poll shows a Clinton win — not surprising, once you discover only 27 percent of voters who took part were Republican, while 42 percent were Democrats. The sample size was also far smaller, with only 537 voters polled, compared to the more than a million who voted in online polls.

It's just a small snapshot of the way the liberal media manipulate the facts in order to shape the narrative, and could be applied across the board in the media's promotion of so-called gay marriage, abortion, contraception and other moral ills. The presence of a counteracting force in the media and on the internet is crucial to help stem this tide of evil — but are Catholics doing enough?

Watch the panel discuss how the deck is stacked in "The Download—America 2.0."


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