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by Christine Niles  •  •  September 1, 2016   

Higher education is no longer teaching students how to think

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Last year, Brown University, an elite college, set up a "safe space" for students to retreat to that included coloring books, pillows, bubbles and soothing music. The purpose of such safe spaces is allegedly to create a haven for students who may be offended or troubled by a certain topic. "Trigger warnings" are comments given by professors warning students a controversial, potentially offensive topic of discussion is coming up, in which case the student who may be offended has the option of retreating to his "safe space" to avoid the discussion.

Usually, the controversial topics revolve around race, gender identity or faith, and politically incorrect views — including the claims that marriage belongs between a man and a woman, that there are only two sexes and not multiple genders, that children need both a mother and a father, that Islam is not a religion of peace — are unwelcome.

This is why safe spaces on college campuses are less about providing a comforting atmosphere and more about protecting students from challenging viewpoints or opposing thought — directly contradicting the purpose of higher education. Last year, e.g., Smith University, a top-ranked college, allowed student activists to ban journalists from campus — unless the journalists agreed with the activists' ideology on racism. Those who agreed with activists were permitted on campus; those who did not were blocked. The purpose of the journalists' ban was "to create a safe space free from potential insensitivity from the news media."

But since news media are meant to be objective reporters of the facts rather than lapdogs of the ideologically driven, the so-called safe space was no more than an attempt to shield students from critical thinking and opposing viewpoints. The fact that the university administration permitted the ban shows how far gone is higher education among the very ones running the institutions.

Watch the panel discuss the nonsense taught in college in "The Download—Campus Lunacy."


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