The Download—Gays Targeting Christian Companies

by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  June 3, 2016   

Homosexuals are forcing Christians to embrace their perverse choices

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A viral video showing various Muslim bakeries refusing to bake wedding cakes for a same-sex couple lends to the argument that Christians are targeted. The video, shot by conservative pundit Steven Crowder, has over four million views on YouTube but garnered little blowback from gay activists or the media.

Even more, there are currently no lawsuits filed against Muslim-owned bakeries for refusing to bake an explicitly "gay" wedding cake. Incidentally, the liberal media is virtually silent regarding the fact in Muslim countries homosexuals are killed specifically for being gay.

But there's no end to the lawsuits filed against all sorts of Christian-owned companies that refuse to be involved with immoral activies, including gay weddings.

As Steven Crowder sums up in his video, these companies are not refusing to serve people who are gay because they are gay. Rather they're exercising their right not to be engaged in a specific activity such as supporting a so-called gay wedding.

To illustrate the difference, Crowder says to refuse to serve a black person simply because he's black is illegal. But homosexuals are not refused service for being gay. He rightly says a gay person isn't refused service when he asks for a birthday cake; if he were simply in virtue of being gay, that would qualify as discrimination. But if the person asks for an expressly "gay wedding" cake, the baker has the right not to be forced to be involved in supporting that particular activity, claims Crowder.

The various lawsuits levied against Christian businesses, like bakeries, caterers, photographers and artists, are now forcing many of these business to close shop or face the possibility of violating their moral convictions or religious beliefs. Crowder points out the militant homosexuals' belief that "unless you agree with me and my values then I should have the ability to ensure that you can't do business."

Watch the panel discuss how Christian society suffers an all-out attack by homosexual activists on "The Download—The Gay Juggernaut."


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