The Download—Papal Buyer’s Remorse

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by Christine Niles  •  •  March 7, 2017   

A pontificate on the verge of crisis

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A respected Vaticanista recently reported that a group of liberal cardinals who helped get Pope Francis elected are now experiencing buyer's remorse.

"A large part of the cardinals who voted for him is very worried, and the curia ... that organized his election and has accompanied him thus far, without ever disassociating itself from him, is cultivating the idea of a moral suasion to convince him to retire," claimed Antonio Socci in the Italian paper Libero.

This faction of cardinals is liberal, and was impatient to replace Benedict with a pontiff of a more progressive stripe. But the cardinals may have gotten more than they bargained for, in light of a pontificate that now seems to be on the verge of crisis, with dioceses issuing contradictory interpretations of Amoris Laetitia — some bishops giving the green light to Holy Communion to those in the state of adultery, while others are reaffirming perennial Church teaching and practice and forbidding the same.

"Four years after Benedict XVI's renunciation and Bergoglio's arrival on the scene, the situation of the Catholic Church has become explosive, perhaps really on the edge of a schism, which could be even more disastrous than Luther's," Socci observed.

"The cardinals are worried that the Church could be shattered as an institution," he added.

Watch the panel discuss these troubling signs in The Download—Papal Buyer's Remorse.


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