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News: Crisis in the Church
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by Church Militant  •  •  August 29, 2016's second annual men's conference was a success

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No one can deny there's a crisis of authentic masculinity in the Church and the world today. From weak bishops and priests who refuse to declare the hard teachings for fear of causing offense, to absentee fathers who neglect the moral training of their sons, to overly permissive dads who encourage their children to embrace vice rather than virtue, the lack of authentic manhood has had a devastating impact on families and society.

This crisis is the reason for's second annual men's conference, which took place over the weekend. Men arrived in force from all over the nation, coming from both coasts and multiple states in between, as well as from Mexico and Canada. They came to fellowship with likeminded men, to help shore up authentic masculinity by focusing on the true traits of the real man: sacrifice, selflessness, the desire to seek after and know truth, the willingness to die to self for the sake of the other.

Watch the panel discuss our men's conference in "The Download—Strength and Honor."


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