The Download—The Church of Nice: Satanic

News: Crisis in the Church
by Michael Voris, S.T.B.  •  •  May 18, 2016   

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An excerpt from Chapter 19 of "Militant."

The Church of Nice is satanic because it opposes the will of Our Blessed Lord. Just as He called the religious leaders of His own day satanic because they opposed the will of His Heavenly Father and did the will of the devil, so we also find a repeat of the same actions today, and therefore the same conclusions are valid. A person does not need to be a devil worshipper or an atheist to do the will of Satan; he needs merely to oppose the will of God. With great sadness and interior horror should the faithful Catholic reel at the warnings of the Church Fathers and Doctors that the greater share of bishops go to Hell.

The Church of Nice creates an environment that excuses sin — which God hates — by never speaking of it. It adds sacrilege to this by distributing Holy Communion to multitudes in sin without ever telling them of the consequences of their acts. The Church of Nice promotes an environment where Catholic greatness is buried, plowed under, by worship at the altar of false ecumenism, so that no one may be offended, least of all those who subscribe (largely unknowingly) to a heresy. The Church of Nice abhors the truth, but it does it in such a way as to make it appear as though it supports it.

The Church of Nice is satanic because it presents the lie with a touch of truth so it can be easily digested. It presents the lie that no one really goes to Hell, for example (we have a "reasonable hope" that all men are saved), by appealing to the truth of the supreme goodness of God. But it distorts this teaching by perverting the notion of goodness. As it relates to humans and our salvation, the goodness of God needs to be rightly understood for what it is: that He created us for Himself, incarnated and died for us, continues to share in His Divine life with us through the sacraments of His Holy Catholic Church, most especially the Blessed Sacrament. Every bit of this is pure grace, the pure goodness of God. We experience His goodness in the here and now, in the ability for any miserable sinner to simply reach out and come to the infinite God and be accepted by Him with sufficient contrition and desire.

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