The End of All Innocence

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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  December 31, 2022   

The obvious consolidation of global power

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Three years ago, on this night (Dec. 30), the world first heard of SARS-CoV-2.

While people are, even now, still suffering the consequences of that fateful night, 2022 was the year many of us began to fully grasp how global forces were utilizing technology to exert control over humanity.

Church Militant's Kristine Christlieb looks at the individual pieces of a puzzle forming a picture of a burgeoning technocracy.

Perhaps no single human being better represents the ominous convergence of technology, science, political power, manipulation and misinformation than National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director, Anthony Fauci.

It was Fauci and his web of gain-of-function scientists, based primarily in Wuhan, China, that opened the door to all manner of government control.

COVID was the disaster opportunity of the century that killed millions, nearly destroyed what was left of America's small business sector, enriched pharmaceutical investors and emboldened tyrants.

Based on phony disease projections and Chinese recommendations, governments around the globe pushed human beings into inhumane isolation.

People were prevented from gathering with family members over the holidays, from attending religious services and even from singing! 

State election laws were permanently altered to accommodate the health crisis, making mail-in ballots the new voting standard.

And in the name of public health, the world was forced into an endless series of vaccinations and boosters that may have contributed to the deaths of millions more.

Governments began investigating the possibility of requiring vaccine passports to enforce COVID travel restrictions.

Those who refused to comply were shunned, fired from their jobs, and had their bank accounts digitally confiscated.

The World Health Organization, claiming the pandemic needed global management and new pandemic treaties, expanded its powers.

Its positioning for global governance was unmistakable.

Stepping in to help, the biotech industry was quick to suggest implanting digital vaccine records in people.

Simultaneously, globalists attacked the monetary system, pushing the idea of eliminating cash entirely and again suggested digital implants for making purchases.

These rapid global changes have set off alarm bells, as they are like nothing we have ever seen before. But it's possible impatient globalists may have overplayed their hand. 

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