The Great Pushback

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by Paul Murano  •  •  February 16, 2022   

Political elite scrambling

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After two years of government overreach and tyrannical dictates ordered by globalist elites, people around the world are finally waking up and fighting back. Church Militant's Paul Murano chronicles the rising up of a populace whose rights have been trampled by the powerful leftist bullies attempting their great reset.

Citizens around the globe are now standing up against COVID policies, from lockdowns to mask mandates and vax passports.

Parents are now fighting back against critical race theory, masking children and porn in school libraries.

Angry moms, Loudoun Co.: 

Your wicked potion of porn and grooming books that came through Ashley Ellis is despicable! It's long past raising the bar. Every one of you must go!

We have girls getting raped. Teachers, subs, bus driver shortages; not to mention books in our schools that would make Masters & Johnson blush.

And people with a conscience are finally waking up to abortion on demand, partial-birth abortion, infanticide and the sale of baby body parts.

Reporter, Center for Medical Progress: "An abortion provider discussing how to collect body parts from aborted fetuses over lunch."

The tide is beginning to turn. The abused are challenging the tyrants, and the elite seeking absolute power are getting nervous. The freedom convoy of truckers is sending a message around the globe.

Protestor, Windsor, Ontario: "There's been suicides, suicide attempts. Teenagers are depressed, kids are depressed. That's all OK for two years, but, you know, take up a couple of days to fight for your freedom and that's where they draw the line? Come on."

Prime Minister Trudeau is in a state of confusion, perplexed the people aren't all falling in line.

Justin Trudeau: "Small fringe minority."

And in Australia, France and elsewhere, the protests are growing, and the people are willing to sacrifice. In the United States, politicians are beginning to fear voters.

United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: "Community safety is our responsibility ... 'Defund the police' is dead."

In Virginia, a volcano of parents erupted on liberal elites like longtime Clintonite Terry McAuliffe.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin: "Virginia, we won this thing!"

They're sick and tired of CRT, young men in their daughters' locker rooms and pornography as part of the curricula.

Parent, Carmel Clay School student: "This is totally inappropriate for K–2 students to be discussing this with anybody but their parents."

And the biggest victims of the tyranny may finally be getting some cover, as the U.S. Supreme Court is now considering overturning Roe v. Wade.

The global elites, together with the Marxist media, have made great inroads over the past few decades in their agenda to control the world. With the world now challenging its false narrative, the leftist mob has been set back on its heels. 

Prime Minister Trudeau invoked his Emergencies Act Monday, not even 24 hours later it lookd like it's going to get blown up. Among other things, it authorizes Canadian banks to freeze accounts that fund the protests and suspend insurance on protestors' vehicles.

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