‘The Hidden Rebellion’ Showing in French Parliament

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by David Nussman  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  December 13, 2017   

Film portrays Catholic Vendée uprising

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PARIS (ChurchMilitant.com) - A film about a Catholic counter-revolution is being shown at France's Parliament building on December 14. 

The film is The Hidden Rebellion. It describes how in 1793 farmers in Vendée, a region in France, rose up against the new government installed by the French Revolution. After overthrowing the monarchy, the revolutionary government persecuted priests and faithful Catholics, even desecrating the cathedral of Notre Dame by remaking it a shrine to the quasi-goddess of "reason." 

"The Catholic and Royal Army of Vendée" is what the farmers named their insurrection. They sought to combat the destructive force of the French Revolution, which abolished the monarchy and persecuted the Church. 


In an interview with Truth Revolt, the filmmakers of The Hidden Rebellion beautifully describe the origins of what history knows as the War of the Vendée: 

The Vendéan farmers became further agitated when the government began replacing their priests with government employees. Where would it stop? Since over 70 percent of the clergy refused to swear allegiance, the Vendéans began to hide their priests, and if they were found out by the police much trouble ensued, including death. Eventually, the Vendéeans farmers ended up forming a force of fighters, which amassed as many as 70,000 men. 

After some surprising successes, the Catholic and Royal Army largely broke apart after heavy losses at the Battle of Savenay in December 1793. All that remained of the Catholic rebellion after that was guerrilla warfare. 

In 1794, the French army massacred the citizens of the Vendée in obedience to government orders. Even though the Catholic and Royal Army had already been defeated in battle, these troops of the French Republic butchered about 100,000 civilians. (Some estimates are as high as 250,000.) French historian Reynald Secher argues that this mass killing was the first modern genocide

Cardinal Robert Sarah lauded the martyrs of the Vendee in a homily in the region in August. He said, "Faced with the hatred of the terrorist columns, they had only their Rosary, their ammunition pouches and the Sacred Heart sewn on their chests!"

In November 2016, Church Militant had the chance to converse with the film's producer, Daniel Rabourdin. He said one of the film's goals is to tell viewers, "Look at the present tyranny of political correctness, the fruits of liberalism. It is a form of tyranny over the minds." 

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