The Infiltration of the Priesthood

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  February 21, 2019   

Church Militant's Rodney Pelletier interviews Erik and Rita Brandin, co-authors of [i]Stalin's Priests[/i]

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The Catholic priesthood has been infiltrated. When you look at the massive, massive crisis in the Church today, it's clear the priesthood has been under attack by Hell and its minions, and many of the priests and bishops in the last 50 years have been orchestrating it.

People casually cast blame on Pope Paul VI, Vatican II and the adoption of the Novus Ordo Mass. But the problems didn't actually start in the 1970s or even in the 1960s.

Think about it: The priests, bishops and religious who were ardent advocates of "change" were brought up in the old ways. They went to seminaries teaching solid philosophy and theology — many of them actually had their classes in Latin at the time discipline in seminaries was very strict. They said the Tridentine Mass daily and were outwardly very Catholic.

On the surface, everything seemed fine, but there was something tragically wrong that most people didn't pick up on. As soon as they were given the chance, many priests, bishops and the laity cast all that away in the "spirit" of Vatican II.

In 1970, the floodgates were opened, and we got innovations in liturgy that Vatican II never mandated. Decades of institutionalized liturgical abuse, along with an almost complete lack of Church teaching from pulpits, has helped to bring us to where we are now.

While there are several important reasons this happened, one of them almost going into conspiracy theory territory, is the Communist infiltration of the priesthood.

But if we've learned anything in the Summer of Shame with the Viganò and McCarrick revelations, it's that there is a very real conspiracy being perpetrated by the forces of Hell and its willful minions here on earth to try to destroy the Church.

To learn more, watch this week's episode of Mic'd Up—Stalin's Priests.

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