The Invisible Downtrodden

by Church Militant  •  •  May 21, 2015   

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As this year's Synod on the Family approaches, the Catholic establishment has continued to drum up the latest progressive talking points as to whether the Church will allow Holy Communion for divorced/remarried Catholics in adulterous civil marriages, based on the much ballyhooed “Kasper Proposal,” and whether the Church will adopt a more “welcoming” attitude towards homosexual relationships by acknowledging they contain within themselves an honest sacrificial love that should be recognized as good while simultaneously not being placed on the “same footing” as true (man and woman) marriage.

The prelates, in conjunction with their supporters at America Magazine and National Catholic Reporter, often defend this indefensible position by proclaiming that they are just looking after the “marginalized,” the “downtrodden,” the “lepers” — just like Jesus Christ Himself.

“Jesus Christ called us to heal the sick, not the well,” they often say. “Pharisees befriended saints; Christ befriended sinners.”

On and on the moral blackmail goes as they try to guilt-trip the faithful into seeing themselves as law-obsessed moralists, and their self-righteous enabling of sin as the true Gospel.

It is not so much a problem that prelates speak about these issues and how to handle them; the problem lies in just how much they talk about it. Actually, that's all they talk about. They never shut up. They hog the whole conversation until nothing else matters.

While the Synod deliberated in its first week, reports trickled out through the blogosphere about an Australian couple testifying about how parents should accept their gay sons and daughters at holidays, how the words “intrinsically disordered” and “contraceptive mentality” needed to be struck from the Catechism, and how the Church needs to be “merciful” towards divorced/remarried Catholics by giving them the Eucharist. Though ridiculous in and of themselves, these discussions may have been forgivable had they not shown up in the Midterm Relatio, creating a mockery of the Church's teachings.

As scandalous as that may be, an even greater scandal and injustice took place that cries out to God in this very hour. The bishops chose to focus on finding ways to comfort people in their unrepentant, sinful states while ignoring the victims of their actions: children — the real downtrodden, the real marginalized, and the ones in need of real healing.

What about the children, Archbishop Bruno Forte, in those homosexual relationships you so admire who will never get to say the words “mommy” or “daddy”? Children, purchased off an auction block from a sperm bank or through a surrogate mother, who will never know where they come from — what about them? I didn't see anything about them anywhere in the Midterm or the Final Report. No calling on all Catholics to rally to their defense on the international stage. No references to the grave offense made against almighty God. The children depend on you for their defense — and you selfishly abandoned them to make your gay lobbyist friends feel better about themselves. I've known plenty of gays in my life; all of them lived in luxury apartments and held lucrative jobs. When I interned at Syfy channel, half the employees and executives were gay. They're fine, despite what the propaganda says, and they don't need your help. The children need your help, and you failed them.

Divorce! I know what that feels like. I haven't seen my mother and my little sister in 10 years because of divorce. When I describe how many siblings I have, I have to add an extra three minutes to include the words “step” and “half” along with specifications about which parent they come from. What about my little sister, Cardinal Walter Kasper, who hasn't spent a Christmas with her siblings in more than a decade? What about the pain that children feel when their parents remarry someone else, and the anguish that comes with having to compete for the love and affection of a total stranger? Nothing in the Midterm Report about that. Not a word from the German Bishops' Conference about the pain and suffering those kids feel.

What about the kids suffering from gender dysphoria, whose parents, brainwashed by the LGBT agenda, pump up full of puberty-suppressing hormones, mutilating their genitals before they come of age? What about the faithful Catholics, obedient to the Magisterium, who suffer intense loneliness from the difficulty of finding a spouse who adheres to Church teaching? What about the embarrassment and humiliation and pressure they feel by having their culture mock them on television and in the movies?

An immense evil and grave injustice cries out to God for vengeance when bishops and priests relativize the sexual revolution as a tangential issue or just ignore it entirely, choosing to focus their efforts on “social justice” and immigration reform and how we can “welcome homosexuals” and recognize the positives in cohabitation. Step out of your luxury lives, partying it up with high-ranking, pro-abort politicians (Archbishop Cupich) and look at the victims of these sins you have marginalized. Look at the innocent children who depend on you. They are the downtrodden, and they need you to take responsibility and defend them.

Despite all the nonsense pouring out of apostate Michael Coren recently, he did get one thing right when he said earlier this week that the most aggressive Catholics today are the faithful youth. Though meant to be disparaging, the characterization couldn't be more true.

The self-centered, spoiled brats known as the Baby Boomers got to have their drunken party, and we, the people of my generation, got stuck cleaning up after them, and we have washed our hands of it while boldly shouting “No more!”

We are the children with siblings we never knew, because they were aborted and never given a name or proper burial, and unlike actors Mark Ruffalo, we mourn their deaths and seek to avenge them. We are the children with mothers like Salon columnist Mary Elizabeth Williams, who view us like trophies on a shelf, another “experience” who fulfill their lives. We are the children of homosexuals who never knew our mothers or fathers. We are the invisible downtrodden.

“Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe to stumble, it would be better for him if, with a heavy millstone hung around his neck, he had been cast into the sea,” says our Lord Jesus Christ.

That sea is deep, the waters cold.


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