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by Trey Blanton  •  •  March 17, 2021   

Healing from unwanted same-sex attraction

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Clergy like James Martin are pushing to normalize homosexuality within the Catholic Church.

They ignore or twist statistics, which show living a homosexual lifestyle increases many health risks, including suicide.

Milo Yiannopoulos: "The gay life is a life full of shame, misery, prostitution, drugs, and all manner of other things that I think only when you have a sense of critical distance and you can look at it in the rearview mirror, do you realize quite how self-destructive it is."

Catholics like Milo are pushing back against the narrative of being defined by their particular sin.


As a Brit, I find the concept of therapy quite suspicious. But I found prayer and the counsel of good priests to be the thing that got me over the edge. And, of course, the interviews I did rattling around in my head, with your Michael Voris and a few others, encouraging me to do what I already knew was the right thing.

Milo is keenly aware of how difficult the struggle can be and wants to offer others a solution.

Yiannopoulos: "I feel a heavy burden of moral responsibility to help as many other people through the same journey as I've been on, if I possibly can."

Leftists who cling to their sinful lifestyles have been quick to lash out.

Yiannopoulos: "I'm trying to live as well as I can and as truthfully and authentically as I can, whilst still making use of those gifts I have for raw-footing the Left, for fighting fire with fire and for using some of their own tactics against them."

Milo is aware of the monumental task ahead of him, personally and professionally, but he's prepared to persevere.

Yiannopoulos: "I know that this has saved my life. I know that going on this journey is the difference between my immortal soul going to Heaven and not [going there]."

Despite the backlash from the Left, Milo has also received support from those struggling with same-sex attraction and who are looking towards Milo's center for reparative therapy as a source for hope.

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