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by Samuel McCarthy  •  •  February 28, 2023   

The Islamization of the 'land of saints & scholars'

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GALWAY, Ireland ( - The Muslim name Muhammad is now the most popular birth name in one of Ireland's most populous cities.

Hermann Kelly

According to Ireland's Central Statistics Office, Muhammad was the most common birth name for boys in the city of Galway in 2022, marking a first in the once deeply Catholic nation's history.

Irish Freedom Party president and faithful Catholic Hermann Kelly told Church Militant, "We see in Galway City that we are being demographically replaced by Muslims. Islamic culture is a political ideology of violent conquest and submission with a thin veneer of religion. We need thousands of poverty-stricken, violence-prone Muslims in Ireland like we need a hole in the head."

In situations where both parents were Irish nationals, Jack was the top name for boys, and Grace was the most common for girls, Ireland's CSO reports. Leonardo, Liam and David were the top boys' names for non-Irish European Union citizens in Ireland, with Emma and Mia the top girls' names. Parents naming their sons Muhammad were classified as "other."

Muslim names represent about 10% of the 100 most popular birth names in Britain.

This is a first for Ireland, although in other countries, such as the UK, variations of Muhammad have been the most popular male birth name across the country for nearly a decade. In fact, Muslim names represent about 10% of the 100 most popular birth names in Britain.

'Conquest & Submission'

This news comes amid growing protests against the Irish government's open border policies and its prioritization of immigrants and so-called refugees over Irish nationals. Protests and rallies have been ongoing in and around Dublin, where countless so-called refugee centers have been set up.

Hermann Kelly told Church Militant he sees the immigration influx as a warning to Catholics:

Whatever you are having yourself, à la carte Catholicism is leading to less conversions, less baptisms, marriages and religious vocations. Ireland used to be the vocation capital of the world and also have a very high birthrate; now it stands at 1.5 children per woman, which means after a few generations we will eventually disappear. ... Irish Christians need to get their head together, get married, have children and educate them in the Christian faith and Irish culture or get replaced and displaced by Muslim migrants.

Irish Freedom Party chairman and devout Catholic Michael Leahy told Church Militant that he sees the popularity of the name Muhammad as an indication of Muslims' adherence to their faith and the apostasy of secularized Irish Catholics:

The fact that Islamic parents will still pick names such as Mohammed and Fatima for their boys and girls is an indication that these people are still attached to their faith. Four decades of unrelenting anti-Catholic and anti-Christian agitation on the part of Irish governments, Irish media and Irish celebrity culture has, however, affected the native population to an extent that it clearly has not affected the Islamic population.

Kelly also noted Ireland's increase in Muslim violence. For example, two homosexual men were brutally murdered, decapitated and castrated by a Muslim who was just, says Kelly, "doing what it says in the Koran." He added, "To stop more of this happening, we need more of the Reconquest spirit, to defend our land from colonization by Muslims and those from other lands and cultures. Not all of which are peaceful."

Rainbow 'Conquerers'

Indeed, Muslims aren't the only invaders of the Emerald Isle — the LGBT lobby has been perhaps the most successful conqueror of Ireland. Not content with an openly gay taoiseach (the Irish word for prime minister), legal gay so-called marriage and the country's reputation as one of the most gay-friendly nations in the world, the rainbow mafia announced earlier this year it would be expanding LGBT programs, rallies and propaganda in Ireland.

The Vortex: Irish & American Catholics

Ireland's two largest cities, Dublin and Cork, are homosexual hotspots, sporting multiple pride events, popular gay bars and nightclubs and gay so-called resource centers. Limerick, Waterford and Galway also have heavy pro-gay presences, including annual pride parades.

One of the chief factors responsible for the invasion of Islam and the LGBT ideology in Ireland is the nation's almost total loss of its Catholic faith.

Earlier this month, Ireland's arts minister announced that the 2023 St. Patrick's Day festival would showcase drag queens and other LGBT-themed performances, parades and events — effectively replacing the celebration of Ireland's patron saint with sexual degeneracy.

Kelly quipped, "It's ironic that Far Left anti-Christian radicals will be the first, as homosexual and LGBTIQ campaigners, to be thrown by Muslims off the high buildings in Galway."

Famine of Faith

One of the chief factors responsible for the invasion of Islam and the LGBT ideology in Ireland is the nation's almost total loss of its Catholic faith.

In metropolitan Dublin, only about 2% of Irish Catholics attend Sunday Mass. Democratically elected representatives legalized gay so-called marriage in 2015. And in 2018, the nation's populace voted in a referendum to decriminalize abortion. Both events — only three years apart from each other — were a repudiation of the perennial moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

Michael Leahy states:

Irish people need to ask themselves which do they think will be the dominant culture in Ireland within a generation? Do they think that a culture which is cut off from its past and which abjures its religious traditions will be able to survive against a culture which still practices its religion?

Whether Ireland falls to Islam or to the cultish, sodomitical LGBT crowd, Leahy notes that Irish Catholics, cut off from their faith and their cultural roots, are a dying breed: "In addition to the loss of Irish religious culture, the fact that Mohammed is now the most common boys' name in the main city in the west of Ireland is a clear indication of the replacement of the native Irish population."

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