The Needs of Children First

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  September 5, 2019   

Katy Faust of Them Before Us talks to Church Militant

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The sexual revolution has destroyed the lives, minds and souls of countless millions of people. 

For over 60 years, people have been indoctrinated with the perversion and outright denial of natural moral law, a law that God Himself wrote into our hearts. 

It's a law that we all know; nine of the 10 commandments are natural moral law: the worshipping of God, respect for parents and superiors, the use of sexuality in marriage and the prohibition against lying and stealing.

These are all things we can know by reason alone as soon as we're able to use our God-given gift of reason.

But especially now, natural moral law is more under attack than ever before and the victims — children — are suffering the most at the wholesale denial of God's laws.

The normalization of contraception, abortion and divorce have served to make victims not just of every one who partakes in it but especially children.

To learn more, watch this week's episode of Mic'd Up—Children First with special guest Katy Faust, the founder of Them Before Us, an organization that advances social policies that encourage adults to actively respect the rights of children rather than expecting children to sacrifice their fundamental rights for the sake of adult desires.

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