The New Axis of Evil? Kabul, Beijing and Vatican City

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by Jason Scott Jones  •  •  September 7, 2021   

What lies beneath the puzzling alliance?

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It was at The Stream that my friend and co-writer John Zmirak proposed a bold and surprising thesis: namely, that Pope Francis' deal with China (negotiated by accused sexual abuser Ted McCarrick) was not a surrender but an alliance. That alliance only deepened in subsequent months. Francis sent his right-hand man, Bp. Marcelo Sorondo, on a shepherded tour of China. Afterward, Sorondo raved about how China embodied "Catholic social teaching" far better than Donald Trump's America.

Remember how many artists, writers and liberal clergymen toured Stalin's Russia in the '30s and returned with fawning reports? Paul Hollander wrote a whole book about them: Political Pilgrims. Paul Kengor wrote another, the encyclopedic Dupes. Sorondo was just the latest to sell out the free West to its enemies, after a couple of weeks of fancy dinners in Potemkin villages.

News Report: China's Double-Edged Victory

Sorondo even spoke at a Communist Party conference to flatter China's regime. The leading authority on Catholic social teaching heaped praise on a meeting of the regime's chief organ thieves, who steal livers and lungs from living prisoners of conscience (Muslim and Christian) then sell them on the black market — according to Forbes magazine.

Quoting Putin to Own the Yanquis

In case you're not vomiting yet, remember that China and the Taliban have been allied since the 1990s. I documented that alignment myself here at The Stream, along with Salih Hudayar, the exiled Uyghur prime minister. Since it captured the country, the Taliban has boasted that Afghanistan will now be part of China's "One Belt One Road" initiative, intended to speed Chinese trade (and power) across central Asia to Europe.

And now, as the Taliban hunts down Christians and forces young girls to marry bloodstained old jihadists, Pope Francis is speaking out. Not against the Taliban, of course. He has said not a word about the rise of a radical Islamist regime or its theocratic abuses. No, Francis is once again slamming … the United States of America.

Read the rest at The Stream.

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