The Presidency: 40 Weeks Away

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  February 3, 2020   

Trump and his Democrat Challengers

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We're now 40 weeks away from the November presidential election and it's a critical time for the United States. We're looking at either four more years of President Trump or a Democrat president who is intent on forcing all manner of evil upon the American people.

The Washington Post estimates that in his three years in office, President Trump managed to fulfill, completely or partially, 35 out of 60 promises he made in his 2016 Contract With the American Voter.

He promised reforms regarding international trade, the economy, immigration reform, cleaning up corruption in Washington D.C. and a plethora of other issues. Of the 25 issues he hasn't yet fulfilled, many have been stymied by Democrats, who have done little more than obstruct his reform efforts.

Some political pundits are asking Democrat voters, "What have the Democrats achieved in three years?" They have merely succeeded in blocking Trump's efforts. While some leftists consider that a victory in itself, it's not helpful to the country as a whole.

With more young socialist Democrats like Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar being elected to the house, the Democrat Party is making a noticeable shift to the Left and pushing more extreme ideologies.

He's become the most pro-life president in American history, supporting historic pro-life legislation and attending the March for Life.

Presidential candidates like Pete Buttigieg are telling pro-life Democrats they have no place in the party. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren want to despoil successful corporations and individuals of their hard-earned money. 

Right now, love it or hate it, Trump in the White House for four more years will serve as a dam to hold back the socialist incursions of the Democrats. In his time, he's become the most pro-life president in American history, supporting historic pro-life legislation and attending the March for Life.

But if the Democrats have it their way, all the progress that's been made by Trump is in danger of becoming undone and a new dark age of socialism and ideological totalitarianism will be our lot.

Hear the Church Militant panel explain more about what we're facing as a country on The Download—The Presidency: 40 Weeks Away.

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