The Scourge of Abortion: Where Is the Catholic Outrage?

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by Church Militant  •  •  May 25, 2019   

Church leaders surrender to abortion lobby

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By Frank S. Farello, M.A., M.I. (Militia Immaculata)
Once reports surfaced testifying to Nazi atrocities committed against Jews, a horrified post-war world demanded punishment for the Nazi's total depravity which included mass sterilizations of women and countless abortions performed on mothers — all in Hitler's effort to eradicate Jews from the earth.
Driven to create an Aryan race, the Nazis murdered six million Jews plus Catholics and other "undesirables." The Nuremberg trials sought to bring the "political, military, judicial and economic leadership of Nazi Germany, who planned, carried out, or otherwise participated in the Holocaust and other war crimes" to justice.
Even today, escaped Nazis are hunted down to enact complete justice. These horrible killings shocked post-war populations who placed a high value on human life, were religious, lived morally based on belief in God's existence and understanding the true difference between right and wrong.
We accept this atrocity as simply modern life, remaining desensitized to babies' horrible deaths within the womb when ripped apart, skulls crushed, brains removed.
Seventy-three years later, as value for human life has decreased dramatically and conceptions of right and wrong have blurred radically, most countries regularly terminate pregnancies via legal abortions. Since Roe v. Wade, worldwide lives lost from abortions are staggering — conservatively, over two billion abortion deaths in the last 46 years.
We accept this atrocity as simply modern life, remaining desensitized to babies' horrible deaths within the womb when ripped apart, skulls crushed, brains removed — their mangled bodies disposed as trash after harvesting the remains for medical purposes. Hardly anyone seeks to save these innocents, and the world calls for more abortions and added procedures to aid mothers in aborting their children — now up to nine months thanks to New York's Catholic Governor Andrew Cuomo.
This global aborticide continues unabated while opponents are labeled quacks, religious fanatics, crazy. Recently, Cuomo announced that New York was no place for pro-lifers.
In this country, pro-abortion politicians vilify those opposing the procedure, then pass laws aimed at maintaining unlimited abortions during every stage of a woman's pregnancy. This mindset would be so alien to a post-World War II America, that if these laws had passed back then, Americans would have taken up arms against their government, the world would have reacted contemptuously and world religious leaders would have angrily preached from the pulpits.
Once that war ended, humanity descended into a depraved pit where our conceptions of right and wrong changed drastically. Why? It's from our desensitization to selfishness and savagery and our increased toleration for the evil we thought so appalling only 73 years ago.
Evil has so enmeshed itself into every facet of modern life while we march toward full atheism and a denial of God. Every unthinkable behavior has had its poisonous consequences sugar-coated to satisfy our ever-increasing appetite for pleasure. We are truly Machiavellian in every aspect of modern life. A sad legacy cultivated ever since the concept of "living the good life" surfaced.
Viewing the Nazis as the supreme example of maniacal barbarian enemies of the civilized world has been usurped by the United States as it continues leading countries into accepting the annual killing of millions of innocent babies as simply part of modern life.
This legal aborticide must be stopped! Yet, regardless of its internal problems, no direction emanates from the pre-eminent leader on faith and morals throughout the world, the Catholic Church. The Church must now loudly oppose abortion and chastise Catholic politicians supporting abortion and drafting bills advancing this horrible practice. Where is the Catholic outrage over this unspeakable crime against humanity?
Blame for this silence lies with lukewarm Church leaders who fraternize with pro-abortion politicians. With the United States leading the way in promoting abortions worldwide, why is the American Church silently ignoring the antics of pro-abortion Catholic politicians? Why is the American Church still aligned with the Democratic Party whose platform is planked solidly pro-abortion? Why hasn't the American Church rebuked the Democrats' lie that abortions are necessary for women's health issues when less than 1% are performed for that reason?
Ever since Catholic John F. Kennedy's election in 1960, the American Church gained a mountain of legitimacy in this Protestant-majority country. Since then, the American Church was firmly aligned with the Democratic Party despite its anti-Catholic platform.
It's glaringly obvious that the American Church must sever its ties with the Democrats. However, for almost 60 years, that party's snaking threads have intertwined themselves with a Church that seems unable or unwilling to extricate itself from this theologically damaging bad marriage. Church leaders seem thrilled over being wined and dined by Democratic politicians at good-old-boys club events (e.g. the Al Smith Dinner) and to hell with all that abortion stuff — how about that delicious rack of lamb‽
Enough already! While Catholic prelates play footsie, the opposition deals doublespeak, souls are lost and thousands are killed daily from abortions that Democrats have no intention of ending. To faithful Catholics, it appears American Church leaders sit snug in the Democrats' pockets and seem content to remain there forever. Christ stated never hinder children to come to Him since Heaven is theirs, yet aborted children were never baptized and can't enter Heaven with the stain of original sin.
These prelates must answer for aligning with the Democratic leadership rather than standing up for every aborted child crying out for vengeance.
Faithful Catholics demand these prelates awaken from their collective miasma. Offer leadership for God's sake! Stop trembling and worrying about repercussions. This what you signed up for in the first place. Don big boy boots and jump in like the Apostles did! Get our beloved Church back on track. Save souls and fight evil wherever it exists.
You've become soft and lazy living large off parishioners' donations. Step up now or pay in the long run. In 1931, German bishops excommunicated Catholic Nazi Party leaders for their anti-Catholic activities. Do the same and excommunicate Catholic pro-abortion politicians. Deny Communion to them even though life may get difficult once you do.
Aren't you disturbed that our federal government protects a sea turtle's life previous to birth via the Endangered Species Act by imposing fines and criminal penalties against anyone who harms a single sea turtle egg yet offers no protection for human babies in the womb who, thanks to Cuomo, can suffer abortion at nine months?
Cdl. Timothy Doland (left) and NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo (right)
God gave humans planetary dominion and were made in the image and likeness of God. Maybe God was teasing us and the sea turtle is destined to have planetary dominion but only the federal government has been given this knowledge! So that's why damaging those eggs are fined but no problem killing babies in the womb, right?
Bishops must protect the faithful from error, sin and anyone jeopardizing their salvation. Excommunicating Cuomo for his criminal abortion bill is not only licit, it's required by canon law. It's mandatory when any Church member commits particularly grave sins or engages in activities causing grave sin in others.
Its purpose is to shock the sinner into repentance and to recognize that their soul's salvation is threatened. The offending individual is separated from the spiritual goods within the Church and till they repent are deprived of receiving sacraments and other privileges.
The Catechism of the Catholic Church (paragraph 2272) states abortion is a grave sin as it does irreparable harm to the aborted innocent, the parents and the whole of society. Excommunication is imposed only for the most serious offenses, intending to correct the errant individual. It's required for an apostate from the Faith, heresy (canon law no. 1364) and those who procure abortions (canon law no. 1398).
Additionally, "any Catholic who deliberately and knowingly provides essential or substantial means for any woman to procure an abortion also commits a mortal sin and also incurs a sentence of automatic excommunication (including Catholic politicians) who promote or who argue in favor of legalized abortion."
Furthermore, these politicians are especially guilty of the grave sins of apostasy by expressing and embracing opinions contrary to Catholic beliefs; and heresy by believing that abortion is not always gravely immoral and therefore a sin.
An excommunicated person is (among other things) forbidden to participate in the Mass or any other form of public worship; celebrate or receive the sacraments of the Catholic Church, or to issue any act of governance (canon law no. 1331.1). They cannot be received into a public association of the Catholic faithful (canon law 316.1). Their only return to full communion with the Church is repentance, confession and absolution for their sin.
You've become soft and lazy living large off parishioners' donations. Step up now or pay in the long run.
Since 1960, United States birth rates have declined precipitously. This correlates with unlimited access to contraceptive devices and the legalization of abortion in this country. These trends are mirrored across the globe. If they continue, then humanity itself is the main factor in its own demise as future generations are diminished through unlimited abortions, low birth rates from widespread use of contraceptives and women's increasing desire not to conceive because it interferes with their lives.
From these actions could the time come when an irremediable negative population growth spreads across the planet? Would we then consider the human race an endangered species?
America's Supreme Court states the Endangered Species Act was enacted to "halt and reverse the trend towards species extinction, whatever the cost." The act's primary goal is to "prevent the extinction of imperiled plant and animal life and to recover and maintain those populations by removing or lessening threats to their survival," that is, any manmade factors affecting a species continued existence.
One could argue that as the world trends toward total acceptance of abortions up to nine months, we may be securing our own extinction and should proactively begin protecting humanity from itself by ensuring against an irreversible future point where a lack of progeny results in the extinction of humans from the earth.
After all, thousands of pieces of legislation have been drafted to counteract the supposed effects of climate change, with most voted into law well before the issues themselves have materialized or shifted past any number of possible tipping points?
While many of us wait for the Catholic Church to lead us away from further descension into this quagmire of depravity spreading across the planet, ladies and gentleman, we have finally met the ultimate enemy of humanity — and it is us!
Frank and Patricia Farello are proponents of the Traditional Latin Mass and pray for its return as the ordinary form.


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