The Structural Crime of Euthanasia

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by Raymond de Souza, KHS, KM  •  •  June 25, 2021   

Death begets further death

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Common sense confirms that it is a kind of weird law of nature that the right thing to do is often the hardest thing, and the easiest thing is often the wrong thing. 

Minneapolis BLM riots

It's easy to rob a bank and spend the rest of one's life as a rich man, doing whatever one pleases. But there is a problem, and not a small one: The laws of the land make it rather difficult to rob banks and come out scot-free. How? By imposing the threat of arrest, imprisonment, and a long time in jail. 

Bank robbery is such a serious crime that so-called liberals would never consider legalizing it, even for "extreme cases." (We'll leave out of consideration, for now, the burning and looting of businesses that took place in Minneapolis that some accepted as "a legitimate social action.") 

The reason is obvious: To make it legal to rob a bank "in extreme cases" would send the message that robbing banks is an acceptable solution to certain social problems. It would knock down a crucial wall protecting property and keeping at bay a kind of mob socialism. Thus, it would create social havoc.

One thing is certain (and experience proves it): When a society allows killing as a solution in "extreme cases," it is almost impossible to keep it confined to extreme cases. If one innocent person can be killed in an extreme case, there will be more borderline cases to consider. 

When a society allows killing as a solution in 'extreme cases,' it is almost impossible to keep it confined to extreme cases.

For instance, to legalize the killing of the elderly and/or the unborn just in fringe circumstances, the incentives against death are removed. The finger is pulled from the crack in the dam. The flood falls away soon after. Eventually, society will not be able to defend the most vulnerable and helpless. The law of the jungle comes into force: Might makes right!

There is an inner logic in the Culture of Death: Death leads to death. What is happening in Canada right now is not just a Canadian issue that's totally irrelevant to Americans. It's a global issue, ensnaring places that have been faithful to Jesus Christ and His Church in the past (e.g., some parts of Europe and in the Americas).

To agree to legalize euthanasia is to affirm that, depending on the circumstances, some lives — however innocent they may be — are not worthy of sustenance and need to be terminated. Under normal circumstances, this brutal and insensitive view should evoke disgust, abhorrence and the need for urgent repudiation. 

News Report: Euthanasia Stalks the West

By the way, the curious thing is that the defenders of euthanasia of the elderly and the unborn — innocent of any crime — are usually radically against the death penalty of incorrigible criminals who are guilty of many crimes. What a mindless contradiction! But I digress.

Back to the issue: Every innocent person, no matter the circumstances, has an inalienable dignity that must be defended, especially those who cannot defend themselves. If complicit silence and sickly indifference to this grave threat remain — as is the case with many Catholic leaders today both in politics and in the Church — the evil will grow, innocent lives will be destroyed and people's consciences will be even more desensitized (that is, unable to distinguish good from evil). 

"Clama, ne cesses, quasi tuba exalta vocem tuam, et annuntia populo meo scelera eorum, et domui Jacob peccata eorum!" (Isaiah, 58:1). "Cry out aloud, without embarrassment; make your voice sound like the trumpet, to denounce to my people their faults, and to the house of Jacob their sins." In his letter to the bishops of the world (May 19, 1991), Pope St. John Paul II sums up well the call to fight to avoid the evil of euthanasia: "The Church must proclaim the Gospel of Life!" 

Every innocent person, no matter the circumstances, has an inalienable dignity that must be defended, especially those who cannot defend themselves.

The letter was specifically addressed to the Catholic bishops, for they have a duty and obligation to teach to God's people the truth to be believed and the good to be done. They are called to be "the salt of the earth and the light of the world" (Matthew 5:13–14).

In his missive, the pope exhorted:

People's moral conscience seems frighteningly confused, and they find it increasingly difficult to perceive the clear and definitive distinction between good and evil in matters relating to the fundamental value of human life. As serious and disturbing as the phenomenon of the widespread destruction of so many human lives is, whether in the womb or in old age, no less serious and disturbing is the cutting of the moral sensitivity of people's consciences. Civil laws and ordinances not only reflect this confusion, but also contribute to it. When legislative bodies enact laws authorizing the deaths of innocent people and States allow their resources and structures to be used for these crimes, individual consciences, often poorly formed, are even more easily led to error. In order to break this vicious circle, it seems more urgent than ever that we must vigorously reaffirm our common teaching, based on the Holy Scriptures and Tradition, with regard to the inviolability of innocent human life. ... In addition, we should encourage scientific reflection and legislative or political initiatives that combat the prevailing "death mentality." Through the coordinated action of all bishops and the renewed pastoral commitment that will result, the Church intends to contribute, through the civilization of truth and love, to an increasingly full and radical establishment of this "Culture of Life," which is the essential prerequisite for the humanization of our society.

It is pity that here in the United States, most bishops have remained rather deaf to the pope's exhortation. He wanted a vigorous reaffirmation of the teaching on the inviolability of innocent human life, based on the Holy Scriptures and Tradition; but illegal immigration, homosexual "rights" and so-called climate change have taken priority for most of our bishops' confused minds. 

The Little Sisters of the Poor

The most scandalous example was that a vicious defender of abortion for decades managed to steal an election and become president, and not one of our bishops, archbishops or cardinals had the courage to denounce him as an accomplice to legalized murder.

Moreover, this fake Catholic receives Holy Communion, committing a sacrilege (1 Corinthians 11) every time, running the grave and imminent risk of damning his soul to Hell, and not one member of the Catholic hierarchy has the courage to state that he has himself incurred an automatic, latae sententiae excommunication, and invite him to convert.

It is not necessary for his bishop to declare him excommunicated. That would be a formal, ferendae sententiae excommunication. This is so because the Church teaches that one incurs automatic excommunication by procuring a successful abortion. One excommunicates himself. And the evil man in the Oval Office not only supports it but wants to oblige the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for the abortions and contraception for everyone on their staff!  

It is sad that the pope's words did not collectively reach the ears of the Catholic hierarchy in these United States of America. So, it is up to us, the laity, to hear the prophet Isaiah and to cry out aloud, without embarrassment; to make our voice sound like the trumpet, to denounce to the people their faults, and to the hierarchy in the house of Jacob — the Holy Church — their sins of silence and complicity.

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