The Sword of Islam

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  March 25, 2021   

Satan's tool of conquest

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In the seventh century, a warlord and self-proclaimed prophet — Muhammad — conquered much of the Arabian Peninsula. By 750, the entire Middle East and most of Spain had been conquered by his successors, with eastern Christians murdered, enslaved or forced to give up their Faith.

Fast-forward to the 15th century, the same ideology, combined with the muscle of the Ottoman Turks, conquered the Byzantine Empire — the last remaining vestige of the Roman Empire.

The Turks then turned their attention to conquering Europe in the 16th century. It was the 1571 Battle of Lepanto that destroyed the Turks' thirst for conquest, and it was done through the intercession of Our Lady.

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While the Turks turned the Mediterranean region into a warzone for centuries, they also enslaved over a million European Christians, committing the worst atrocities against human beings.

Islam is an ideology that spreads by murder and coercion. While there is no longer a sultan with the power and influence of old, Islam is still dangerous.

Islam is an ideology that spreads by murder and coercion.

Muslim-majority nations still trample on legitimate women's rights and make Christians second-class citizens. Nigeria and other African nations are bathed in blood because of Boko Haram kidnapping young girls and murdering priests. Libya still has slave markets, and the world seems to be turning a blind eye to these ongoing atrocities.

All Catholics must pray and do everything possible to fight against the evils of this world.

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