The ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Smear

by Church Militant  •  •  June 7, 2017   

Emasculation is not a solution to social ills

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By Ben Shapiro

On Monday, the New York Post ran a story about Warrior Week, a boot camp for men run by Garrett J. White, "a 40-year-old blond with tattooed biceps who looked like a video-game soldier." For the low, low cost of just $25,000, White will run you through a regimen of physical torture and mental preparation that involves being punched in the face, hiking while holding logs, and reciting the poem "Invictus." White explained:

We teach them how to be a man. ... Women are leading across the board in business and at home ... and living more powerfully than men today. And that's causing complete chaos for men.

The first question on the application for White's training program: "Have you ever been punched in the face by another man?"

Now, I have never been punched in the face. At least not as an adult, that is. When I was younger, I was routinely bullied — I was about 5 foot 2 throughout most of high school, since I was two years younger than the other students. That meant severe physical abuse and some relatively egregious torment at the hands of classmates.

Now I'm married, with two children of my own. I own several guns. I spend my days writing and speaking and thinking; I believe the fundamental proposition that Western civilization was built in order to prevent people from punching each other in the face.

But I'll admit that for a split second, I felt the urge to check out White's website. Why? Because men have an innate drive for aggression. They feel the need to test themselves against their limits. That drive can be channeled toward building themselves and protecting those around them. Or it can be unleashed in waves of destruction. Or, alternatively, it can be tamped down, killed. Men can be emasculated.

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