‘The Unvaxxed Are Responsible for the Delta Variant!’

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by Phillipe Champlain  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  August 11, 2021   

And other anti-science nonsense

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It takes your breath away to hear, these days, just so much B.S. being bandied about by politicians, churchmen and the general American public. This B.S., for the most part, is pretty tame — just talk being offered by individuals who like to hear themselves talk and, despite not having much to talk about, invent things that sound interesting and that will deceive the ignorant. In the case of the current line of B.S. that provides the title of this article, the results of preaching and adhering to this will be, if taken to their intended end, far from benign.

Adolf Hitler and Joe Biden

Not even a full century ago, Germany bought hook, line and sinker a packet of these subtle lies with respect to another easy target — the Jews. "The Jews killed Christ, so it's only right that we take them out"; "They control our banking system, so if we get rid of them, we will control the banks"; "Don't you know it's the Jews who are responsible for all our economic problems?" All lies, and all bought by the German public at large, who, in time, would man the concentration camps and operate the gas chambers.

If today the American public accepts B.S. like the phony science being promulgated "ex cathedra" by the Biden administration, the concentration camps and gas chambers for his political opponents are only a matter of time. One big difference between Hitler and Biden: At least with Hitler you knew who your true enemy was; in Biden, the shell of a man that he is, you really don't know who is pulling his strings, which makes fighting him even harder.

Today is the day for us to challenge each and every one of these subtle lies on their own merit. Let's take, for starters, today's premise: "It's the unvaxxed! They are responsible for the Delta variant." Any student who even marginally passed microbiology at university knows that a statement along these lines is a baldfaced lie. Viral material in a living host organism, to thrive over time and survive, must mutate, or else the virus will die with its host, and the virus and the host will be no more! Humans and all living organisms are always combating various viruses of one sort or another, and most of these are of no consequence; the immune system of the organism combats it successfully, and the virus is dead.

There are viruses, however, that have plagued humans over the centuries because of their success at replicating and mutating in their various host organisms. Some have killed millions as they have run their course through the world's inhabitants. Most notable among these was the Spanish flu of 1917–1921 that claimed anywhere from 20 million to 50 million of the world's population in a short period of time. (Estimates on this vary considerably.) 

Two things are of note with the influenza virus: It's been a constant plague because it's a changeling, adept at mutating in its various hosts and not being discriminatory about which host to choose. The family of influenza viruses are known for making themselves at home in swine as well as other mammals, just as they make homes in humans. If you recall, just a few years back, the swine flu (2009–2010) was particularly virulent and claimed the lives of 284,000 worldwide. 

Coronaviruses, likewise, are changelings, mutating within their hosts one year to the next (and in even shorter periods). As discussed at length in the February 2021 article for Scientific American "How Will the Coronavirus Evolve," William A. Haseltine notes:

With declining rates of new infections and the rollout of vaccines, some are beginning to speak of an end to COVID-19. But that rhetoric, in my opinion, is ill-considered and premature. Based on what we know now of SARS-CoV-2, it may no longer be a question of months before an end to the pandemic but a question of years, if not decades. We should plan for it.

He goes on to observe:

One way these major changes happen occurs when a virus jumps to a new population, for example from animals to humans or back again. When a virus makes this jump, big things — and often bad things — materialize. Both influenza and SARS-CoV-2 have huge animal reservoirs. Coronaviruses have infected every type of vertebrate, from whales and bats to salamanders and snakes. Influenza is similar. This means they both have the potential to evolve to become much more damaging to our population. The two previous coronavirus outbreaks both started when coronaviruses jumped from animals to humans, from civet cats in 2003 with SARS and from camels with MERS in 2012. The 1918 influenza pandemic likely started with a jump from animals too.

At this juncture, when the B.S. bantered around by politicians, churchmen and the general American public has become toxic and real science is ignored, it is imperative that the subtle lies — like the title of this article — are brushed aside for the total lies they are.

Only Christ saves, and all the lies and deceptions have nothing to do with saving a man's life from the fires of eternal damnation.

Moreover, and perhaps even more important, we must reject the use of these lies to mandate the entire world's population be injected with the abortion-tainted immune therapies. If a man with full consent chooses to submit himself to the jab and to be used as some sort of a lab rat in this great experiment, that is one thing! But it is something altogether different to force people against their will and against the real science to do so!

Viruses mutate over time and will do so until this sorry world comes to an end. Don't be deluded that some jab is going to save your life. Only Christ saves, and all the lies and deceptions have nothing to do with saving a man's life from the fires of eternal damnation.

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