The Vanishing Christian

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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  June 22, 2021   

Long assault on children and education

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"Worldview is really where the game is won or lost," claims internationally recognized pollster, Dr. George Barna.

In recent years, Barna’s polling has focused on worldview, how belief influences behavior and how that belief has declined.

Dr. Barna: "That's the headline for me — the fact that only 6% of adults in America have a  biblical worldview." 

From his perspective,  the future of Christianity in America does not look good.

Dr. Barna: "We are really in danger, I would say, of redefining what we think Christianity means. Because most of those people call themselves Christian, but they have no intention of buying into what the Bible teaches."

Barna is finding it's not just so-called cafeteria Catholics who are picking and choosing what they believe.

Dr. Barna:

Eighty-eight percent of Americans have a worldview that we describe as syncretism, which means that basically all they are doing is cutting and pasting together different elements of all these alternative or competing worldviews into something that is very personal and customized.

His solution? Take seriously the development of a Christian worldview.

Dr. Barna: "As we study how worldview is progressing over the course of time, we find that there's no attempt on the part of schools, on the part of families, even on the part of churches to be intentional and strategic about helping that worldview to develop."

According to Barna, we can’t begin too soon urging the Church to strategically focus on children.

Dr. Barna: "Our research, and it has been confirmed by many other institutes, now has shown that a person's worldview starts developing at 15–18 months of age and is fully formed by the age of 13."

When asked about America Magazine’s cover story claiming Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the future of the Catholic Church, Barna’s response was dire.

Dr. Barna: "If she's the future of the Catholic Church, the Catholic Church has no future because she will be willing to eradicate belief in God and replace it with the belief in people who are part of that elite ruling culture."

To halt the decline, Dr. Barna wants faithful Americans to see the Left is attacking children and education, and therefore they should be the focus of a most aggressive defense. 

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