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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  November 25, 2021   

Biomedical tyranny worldwide

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People around the world have awakened to the multi-pronged threat posed by the COVID panic and are fighting back. Church Militant's Kristine Christlieb tells the story of how we got here and what's at stake.

Jane Fonda: "I just think that COVID is God's gift to the Left."

The global coup d'état known as the "COVID pandemic" did not begin at the Wuhan Lab. 

The roots of the crisis are in China, but the seeds were planted nearly two decades earlier when the first coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-1 escaped from a Guangzhou hospital in 2002.

The virus killed one in 10 people infected, creating a global panic that was ultimately contained in 2003.

David Asher, former advisor to the U.S. State Department: "What the Chinese did behaviorally, OK, which is undisputed, is they allowed an offensive-like vector, in terms of its pathology and virulence, to escape China and spread around the world."

There were problems at the Wuhan lab almost from the beginning, but the crucial day was Sept. 12, when a series of events signaled a serious breach.

More than three months later, on Dec. 31, only after they could no longer keep it secret, Chinese communist leaders announced the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2.

In late January, Anthony Fauci told Americans a vaccine was in the works and on the way. 

In the meantime, the only treatments Fauci offered were ventilators in the ICU and "14 days to flatten the curve."

By mid-March, most of Europe and the United States was in lockdown, and the Church was quick to comply.

Cdl. Blase Cupich: "So I encourage you to pray together each day in your homes and to participate in Masses available at any time online."

People were dying alone without family, without the comfort of their Faith — but not the tyrants who were caught defying their own mandates.

Americans were told to "follow the science," but the so-called science was riddled with errors:

  • Florida Department of Health Says CDC Reported Inaccurate COVID-19 Data
  • California's COVID-19 Data is Inaccurate and Incomplete
  • How Are COVID-19 Deaths Counted? It's Complicated

As the crisis drags on, more and more people are calling it the final battle for liberty. It is a war on humanity.

Church Militant has produced an expanded version of this report, titled The War on Humanity. It's an intense presentation, recapping the most crucial aspects of the global elites' attempt to reset a path for the future.

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