Irish Petition to Excommunicate Top Prelate

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by Jules Gomes  •  •  August 3, 2020   

Dublin archbishop under fire for joining Muslim prayers

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DUBLIN ( - Thousands of Irish Catholics have signed a petition calling for the excommunication of Dublin's archbishop after the primate of Ireland participated in Muslim prayers on Eid Al-Adha Friday citing Pope Francis' Abu Dhabi declaration.

"How can we accept an archbishop who gives his blessing to an Islamic celebration of animal sacrifice? Christ's sacrifice on the Cross was the final sacrifice, yet Martin has decided that this barbaric Islamic festival deserves the endorsement of the Catholic Church," the petition stated.

Catholic youth assaulted by a pro-Muslim leftwing protester

Scuffles broke out outside Croke Park Stadium hosting the Islamic service as police and leftwing activists attempted to silence a group of Catholics praying the Rosary and protesting Abp. Diarmuid Martin's participation in the Muslim festival.

Police arrested two women and one man, charging them with public order offenses. "All have been released without charge with files being prepared for the director of public prosecutions (DPP)," a Gardaí (Irish national police) statement said. Two of the three arrested were leftist counterprotesters, a source said.

A counter-protester assaulted a Catholic youth carrying a "No Sharia in Ireland" banner.

As Abp. Martin approached the stadium's entrance, his car was blocked by Catholics waving Rosaries at his window and shouting "traitor" and "You are going to Hell!"

The Gardaí had to clear a path as protesters holding signs saying "Islam is evil," "Defund Soros Shills" and "God bless Ireland" pounded on his car as the archbishop proceeded to join Muslims in prayer.

"I attended the 'Rosary at Croke Park' as a way to demonstrate against the encroachment of Islam into the daily life and institutions in Ireland," Irish Freedom Party candidate Daithí Ó Fallamháin, told Church Militant.

Christ's sacrifice on the Cross was the final sacrifice, yet Martin has decided that this barbaric Islamic festival deserves the endorsement of the Catholic Church.

"Many Irish people are aware of the cruelty involved in halal slaughter. Unfortunately, it was not made clear from the start that all-too-common animal slaughter, which is part of Eid al-Adha worldwide, would not be included in the celebrations at Croke Park, so there was understandable speculation," the politician, who has been an educator in Ireland, Japan and South Korea, explained.

Leftwing activists tried to drown out Catholic journalist Gemma O'Doherty as she called for a "new decade of the Rosary" and condemned Abp. Martin entering Croke Park — "a land that is so sacred to Irish patriots." O'Doherty later had her account blocked by Twitter.

"We in Ireland will treasure the memory of Abp. Croke" O'Doherty stressed, calling out the lack of civil liberties "for the victims of genital mutilation" and "child marriage" and "animals that will be slaughtered today."

Demonstrators unfurled a large banner declaring: "No to child marriage. No to grooming gangs. No to live slaughter. No to barbaric halal. No to jihad against Christians!"

Meanwhile, the "Excommunicate heretical Archbishop Diarmuid Martin" petition on the Irish Patriots website garnered over 4,000 signatures by Monday as it denounced the prelate for "giving his blessing to an Islamic celebration at our sacred Gaelic grounds in Croke Park!"

"This is not merely a scandal, it is a mortal sin," the petition stressed, attacking the archbishop for "having forgotten the First Commandment."

Protesters display banners warning of Islamic aggression

Church Militant reported Friday that Martin had participated in the Islamic festival of Eid Al-Adha, which falsifies the Bible by declaring that the patriarch Abraham took Ishmael, not Isaac, to be sacrificed on Mount Moriah.

"This story is yet another instance of Islam correcting Judaism and Christianity and holding the Judeo-Christian tradition to be corrupted and erroneous," Islamic scholar Robert Spencer told Church Militant, lamenting that Martin's participation "shows the priorities of the Catholic hierarchy today and of leftist clerics in general."

The petition blasted the archbishop for "engaging in outright apostasy" and insisting "he must be not only laicized but excommunicated."

This is not merely a scandal, it is a mortal sin.

Mainstream media blanked out the protest, focusing instead on the archbishop's participation, along with other Christian and Jewish leaders, as a "powerful symbol of religious unity during [the] pandemic."

But Daithí Ó Fallamháin told Church Militant that "Eid al-Adha at Croke Park could not have been any more divisive."

He elaborated:

From the fact that a large amount of Irish people have had enough of Islam, to the elites in government sending representatives to rub our noses in their scorn, to using the one physical place we could all identify as uniquely Irish, this event was meant to disrupt and upset people. Well, it worked.

"Croke Park itself has the blood of Irish martyrs killed by the British army. It holds a special place for 'things Irish,' which is exactly why the Muslims wanted this event to be held here, knowing well there were other suitable fields," he said.

Ó Fallamháin also told Church Militant that the Muslims had announced on Facebook: "Shin Allah, next year, when there are not restrictions we will have many more Muslims celebrating Eid in Croke Park."

Catholics face counterprotesters

"The originally stated reason for using Croke Park was because of COVID-19 restrictions forbidding crowds to meet indoors. So, what would necessitate a repetition of this outrage? Is this to be an annual event? Furthermore, organizer Sheikh al-Qadri made a point of saying 'Eid' because there are two Eid holidays. We might have more of such events on the way," he warned.

Archbishop Martin justified his participation citing Pope Francis' "Human Fraternity" declaration signed in Feb. 2019 with the Grand Imam of al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayyeb and speaking of the "common responsibility" of Jews, Muslims and Christians "to witness to what is demanded today from a true believer in the God who is full of mercy and compassion."

Martin also cited Pope Francis' 2016 visit to a mosque in Baku, Azerbaijan and quoted from the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, stressing how the month of Ramadan is "so central in your religion and therefore dear to you at personal, familial and social levels."

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