Thousands of LGBT Protesters Assail Poland

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by Martina Moyski  •  •  August 11, 2020   

'We need David to knock down the LGBT Goliath'

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WARSAW, Poland (Church - Thousands of LGBT radicals have taken to the streets of Poland's capital after the arrest of a transgender activist who allegedly attacked a pro-life advocate.

Warsaw's mayor Rafał Trzaskowski

On Friday, crowds of pro-LGBT protesters surrounded a police vehicle in Warsaw, trying to stop it from driving away with the activist inside, according to multiple sources. Warsaw police said on Saturday they have detained 48 people who attempted to prevent the arrest. The detainees are also accused of insulting a policeman and damaging a police vehicle.

A source on site in Poland told Church Militant that the LGBT forces have been ramping up protests after the election victory of pro-family Andrzej Duda. "Homosexuals are more and more aggressive in their attacks — and being buoyed up by international support," he said.

To many Catholic Poles, the source said, "Warsaw again seems to be the center of sin with their liar mayor Trzaskowski," a reference to Warsaw's mayor Rafał Trzaskowski and Duda's presidential opponent who promised LGBT activists "incredible things" should he have won the election.

Homosexuals are more and more aggressive in their attacks — and being buoyed up by international support.

The protesters shouted "Shame, disgrace!" at police and carried signs intended to encourage the LGBT community that read: "I know you're fed up, but keep your head up" and "Equality."

The transgender activist, who goes by the name Margot, is accused of beating up a pro-life campaigner and cutting the tires of his truck. The campaigner drove in his vehicle broadcasting pro-life messages and warning that "homosexuals are preparing society to accept pedophilia."

News Report: Homosexual Acceptance Rising

Margot belongs to the leftist group calling itself "Stop the Nonsense," which on the night of July 28–29 used rainbow insignia to desecrate the historic statue of the martyred Christ in front of the Basilica of the Holy Cross in Warsaw. Numerous other Warsaw landmarks were attacked.

Mixed Reaction

Reactions to the protests have been mixed.

Dunja Mijatović, the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights, took to Twitter to demand the immediate release of the activist.

Some left-leaning Polish politicians have condemned the detentions, accusing police of brutality and heavy-handed treatment of sexual minority groups. For example, Trzaskowski criticized the police, saying the law should protect the weak against the strong.

Polish Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro

But Polish Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro defended the police at a news conference on Saturday, saying the officers "did what they were supposed to do — what Polish law requires them to do in such cases."

Ziobro also slammed those who sided with the LGBT protesters for "standing on the side of banditry and hooliganism" rather than "on the side of the law."

On Monday, Polish news outlet Do Rzeczy reported that the Confederation Liberty and Independence is urging the government to stand strong and not to succumb to pressure to exempt the perpetrators from their unlawful actions.

"We appeal to the Polish government and Polish courts not to succumb to such pressure and to treat criminals originating from left-wing organizations with the same severity with which they treat common criminals," urged the leaders of the Confederation.

Ziobro also slammed those who sided with the LGBT protesters for 'standing on the side of banditry and hooliganism.'

They added, "we are currently witnessing a situation in which numerous leftist organizations and politicians demand that bandits originating from neo-Marxist organizations ... be exempted from responsibility for their own unlawful actions, or that they are treated by law enforcement agencies in a more gentle manner or take into account the distorted perception of their gender by these people."

LGBT and Marxist Link

Observers have commented on the connection between LGBT and Marxist forces that are united in their attack of Catholic Poland.


Krakow Abp. Marek Jędraszewski

(Photo: Łukasz Gągulski/PAP)

On the the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising in 2019, Krakow Abp. Marek Jędraszewski compared current LGBT activism to the communist domination of Poland after WWII.

Jędraszewski said once afflicted with the "red plague" of Soviet communism, Poland is now afflicted by the "rainbow" plague of LGBT ideology, which denies human dignity and aims to control the souls, hearts and minds of the Polish people.

After the desecration of the statue of the martyred Christ, Krystian Kratiuk, editor-in-chief of the portal and magazine Polonia Christiana, took issue with the LGBT movement and its appropriation of the rainbow as a symbol: "The rainbow flag is not a symbol of tolerance, but it is a symbol of the war waged against Christian culture and the remnants of Christian civilization."

"It's time to repeat again what many do not want to admit to themselves," Kratiuk urged. "This is war!"

"I'm worried about Poland now. I think it needs a lot of prayer from Catholics all around the world," Church Militant's source said.

This is war!

The source decried the recent LGBT protests as "outrageous," adding: "They protest against arresting that man who claims he's a woman and in reality [is] a thug who attacked that anti-pedophilia truck and beat up the driver."

"We need another David with five stones to knock down this evil Goliath," the source said.

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