Abortion, Religion, Faith at Bottom of People’s Priorities in Election

News: Government
by Joe Gallagher  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  June 30, 2016   

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HAMDEN, Conn. (ChurchMilitant.com) - Abortion, religion and faith are at the bottom of people's priorities in this election, according to a recent poll.

Quinnipiac University conducted an extensive poll, which it published Wednesday, asking a plethora of questions ranging from the preferred demographics of the next vice president to who caused the most prejudice through his campaign. When asked what people look for in the next candidate and what they find to be the most decisive issues, abortion, religion and the faith of the candidate ranked lowest.

Beating out these moral issues were "caring about people," "leadership" and "integrity," which are five times more popular than the candidate's religion. These are three moral principles that are considered by many a presupposition of one's religion.

The top five issues were "honesty," taking the lead at 28 percent, followed by "economy," with a popularity of 16 percent. Running third, fourth and fifth are, respectively, "immigration issues," "integrity" and "leadership."

In comparison to the comfort level of having a homosexual, Muslim, Jew, Hispanic, African American or woman as vice president, a homosexual and Muslim were the two demographics that did not score higher than 50 percent.

When asked who was thought to be the candidate with higher morals, Trump lost to Clinton by a gap of nine percent.

Clinton is also viewed as the more intelligent candidate by 20 percent more Americans than Trump. She is also seen as the greater protector of freedom of speech and press by two percent more than Donald.

Trump does, however, beat out Clinton by six percent as the best leader and most honest. But among the 61–76 percent who believe this election season has incited more prejudice and hatred, Trump's campaign is blamed by 60 percent more than Clinton's.

Not one question had to do with the role of Christianity. And among the 40 questions asked, abortion was brought up only once.


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