Total Sellout to Beijing

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by Church Militant  •  •  March 17, 2023   

Rome's ongoing betrayal of Chinese Catholics

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It seems the Vatican under Pope Francis has capitulated to the God-hating Chinese Communist Party, or CCP, to the extreme detriment of China's faithful Catholics.

Church Militant's William Mahoney looks at where things stand and how they got there.

Cdl. Joseph Zen: "So, it's a total sellout."

Cardinal Joseph Zen spoke to Church Militant in 2020, decrying the Vatican's dealings with the CCP.

The cardinal explained how the Vatican completely sold out China's underground Church — those faithful to Rome as opposed to members of the CCP-controlled church known as the Catholic Patriotic Association.

This total sellout happened in three steps.

Cdl. Joseph Zen: "So the first step was that secret agreement for the selection of bishops and then the legitimization of the seven excommunicated bishops and asking two underground, legitimate bishops to step down. And then, finally, last June came out that document, the so-called pastoral guidance, encouraging people to join the Patriotic Association."

Since it was first signed in 2018, the provisional and secretive China-Vatican accord has been renewed twice. The latest renewal occurred in October and remains in effect.

Vatican Secretary of State, Cdl. Pietro Parolin, champions the deal, and even claims the agreement allows the Church in China to carry out her mission.

Cdl. Pietro Parolin: "They will be able to perform the duty of the Church, which is the announce[ment] of the gospel — and [at] the same time to contribute to the growth — spiritual and material growth — of that country, and to peace and reconciliation in the world."

But despite Parolin's honeyed words, the accord and other Vatican compromises with the CCP have been a disaster for the underground church.

The situation is critical.

Cdl. Joseph Zen: "Humanly speaking, the Church is going to disappear — the real churches."

In 2020, Parolin gave a speech in defense of the Vatican's attitude towards and dealings with the CCP.

After reading that speech, Zen responded on his blog: "It was sickening! He is in no way stupid or ignorant, he told a series of lies with open eyes."

Zen further blasted Parolin for indirectly speaking against heroes of faith such as Cdls. Wyszyński, Mindszenty and Beran, all of whom firmly resisted communism and/or fascism.

Cdl. Joseph Zen: "I have evidence that he's not a man of faith because he despises those heroes of faith in central Europe."

Under Pope Francis, prelates like Parolin run amok while ones like Zen are sidelined.

The devastating consequences to the Church in China — and to the universal Church as a whole — are incalculable.

In 2020, the wealthy exiled Chinese dissident, Guo Wengui, reported the CCP sends $2B annually to the Vatican for its silence and capitulation.

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