Totalitarianism Is Coming Back to Poland

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by Jan J. Franczak  •  •  July 2, 2020   

This time from the West

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Thirty years after the so-called transformation from communism to democracy, I'm experiencing here in Poland something I thought was a thing of the past — censorship, which is coming back.

On June 27, just a day before our presidential election, YouTube blocked the LGBT exposé titled Their True Targets (Ich prawdziwe cele) produced by, an independent conservative Polish website. And it wasn't just the first example of the tech-giant censorship in Poland. It had already happened before. Though there is no censorship in Poland, a foreign company has deemed it has the right to decide what we can watch or read.

Their True Targets (Ich prawdziwe cele)

At the same time, I see the news from the United States and things which were known to my grandfathers 100 years ago — leftist thugs destroying monuments, looting shops, burning private property, attacking innocent people.

Totalitarianism is coming back. This is not an exaggeration. It is coming back faster than we realize.

I cannot buy a pair of jeans of an internationally recognized brand, I cannot buy a piece of furniture from a worldwide chain, I cannot subscribe to a popular TV channel, I cannot drink a cup of coffee in a well-known chain café without paying for and contributing to an ideology that I don't support and which I consider evil.

Wherever I look it's almost sure I will see some propaganda slogan or sign of LGBT ideology. Yesterday I deleted a browser which, to my surprise, showed its own logo in rainbow colors.

Totalitarianism is coming back. This is not an exaggeration.

It reminds me too much of the grim past not to raise the alarm. If over 30 years ago I could expect red banners praising the Communist Party, the immortal alliance with the Soviet Union or the so-called liberation of workers and peasants all around my city, now I can expect similar banners — but in rainbow colors and praising homosexuality, tolerance and LGBT liberation — to pop up sooner or later, not only in visible places around my town but also on my computer, in my shopping bag or at an international company organizing LGBT pride events for its employees.

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The stifling atmosphere is increasing day by day. After spending my childhood and youth in communism, seeing the Red Army soldiers on my streets and learning lies at school, I hoped to die in a free country — maybe not a perfect nation, maybe one struggling with some difficulties, maybe looking for the best mode of life — but not a totalitarian state where saying certain words is forbidden, where watching certain films is not allowed, where I'm forced to support things I don't want to support and believe are wrong and lead to eternal damnation.

The LGBT movement in Poland targets children

There are some differences, yes. Communism was brought into my country by the Red Army. After Poland was betrayed by Western powers, communist ideology was beaten into Polish heads with an iron fist and a lead bullet. Now, LGBT ideology is being brought in by international corporations and "friendly" foreign embassies that support the so-called Gay Pride parades (very reminiscent of May 1st parades) and display rainbow banners on their buildings.

The fist is in a soft, velvet glove now. But this doesn't mean that this gloved fist can't punch. Losing a job in an international company or a teaching post at a university is becoming a reality.

Lies are always the same. Their perpetrators use the same methods. However, they have more tools to spread their "half-truths" or blatant falsehood. It's just a matter of time and first "culprits" charged with the so-called hate-speech crime will be sentenced, maybe not to death yet but to prison or community work at a gay club, for example.

The fist is in a soft, velvet glove now. But this doesn't mean that that gloved fist can't punch.

Children are the main target, as they were before. LGBT ideologues are eager to brainwash them and keep their onslaught on Polish schools.

Poland is still a free country. We still can say what we want as long as it's not censored by YouTube or some other foreign corporation. I wonder how long? Each election is now a struggle to keep European civilization built by the Catholic Church in Poland intact. New front lines keep openingin schools, in companies, in city councils, on the street, online.

Looking at the news and seeing Marxist Black Lives Matter mobs rampaging through American cities, I can't stop wondering: How is it possible that the West didn't learn a thing from our experience? How little we in Poland, after the experience of two totalitarian regimes, have taught the West!

Another Dark Ages is coming. Maybe even worse than those in the past.

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