Traditional Order of Exorcist Priests Expanding

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by Paul Murano  •  •  February 14, 2020   

Fr. Chad Ripperger's Doloran Fathers seek to build new chapel, housing

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GREELEY, Colo. ( - A traditional group of exorcist priests led by Fr. Chad Ripperger is seeking funds to build a chapel and to house their small but powerful religious community.

Father Ripperger is well known among traditional Catholics for his preaching and website Sensus Traditionis. He heads the Doloran Fathers, a semi-contemplative society of priests now stationed in Colorado. The fathers perform exorcisms using the Old Rite, which is widely considered to be more powerful and efficacious in cases of demonic possession and oppression.

After Bp. David Konderla was installed as head of the Tulsa diocese in June 2016, Fr. Ripperger and the Doloran Fathers — also known as the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother — were asked to leave the diocese.

Bishop Konderla expelled from his diocese the Dolorans and another group of traditional nuns, the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel's Hope, led by Mother Miriam (formerly Rosalind Moss, a Jewish convert to the Faith).

Mother Miriam

When asked why this traditional order was expelled, the bishop said in a November 2016 statement: "No, I do not disapprove of the Latin Mass and the people attached to it. It would be erroneous to read such disapproval into decisions the diocese has made regarding the two religious communities."

No other public explanation of this decision has come to the attention of Church Militant.

In March 2017, with the blessing of Abp. Samuel Aquila of Denver, Fr. Ripperger and his order moved their ministry to Greeley, Colorado. They have currently outgrown their present residence and are seeking to build a chapel with enough rooms attached for six Doloran priests to pray and celebrate Mass.

GoFundMe Accepting Donations

At the present time there is a GoFundMe page that was recently created for Fr. Ripperger and the Dolorans for this purpose. On the page, their current needs are explained:

A Capital Calling for The Doloran Fathers for the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother in Colorado. The society [has] plans of building a Chapel and we can make this possible with our donations. Father Ripperger has been an integral instrument in helping souls know the truth faith and advance in holiness through his books, videos, homilies, conferences, Etc. We ask if financially possible you donate in order to help his society complete the chapel needed for Our Lady of Sorrows. Please share this with others and together with the help of Our Lady we can achieve our Goal. Father Ripperger thanks you for your donations and may God reward you for your generosity.

The page also details who the fathers are and why they now have this need:

We currently have two priests in Keenesburg and one priest who has begun the formal process of applying to join us. A fourth priest is working with his religious community to join our society. Four other priests have shown interest in joining our community. We are recognizing that very shortly we may be out of room in our current residence.

"As we grow we will need room for two more priests, bringing us to a maximum of six," the fathers explained.

Currently, we have a temporary chapel, but with more than two priests and due to our work schedule, we need to build a permanent chapel.

"Currently, we have a temporary chapel, but with more than two priests and due to our work schedule, we need to build a permanent chapel," they added. "We also want to include a classroom so that the theological classes provided for priests becoming exorcists can have a proper venue."

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