Trans Agenda Encroaching on Legislation

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by Nadia Bullock  •  •  November 4, 2022   

Former trans people speak out

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Detransitioners are barely given a voice, but that isn't stopping them from speaking out.

In tonight's In-Depth Report .. Church Militant's Nadia Bullock looks at one man's story, and why it's important for all Americans.

Ritchie Herron, former trans woman: "I was waking up every day and I felt like I was more and more becoming someone else." 

Ritchie Herron attempted to live as a woman for almost nine years. At 26, he started the so-called process of transitioning and a few years later had his genitals removed.

Herron: "I almost immediately regretted that."

This week, Herron discussed the constant push his doctors made to have him get the surgery, even though he did not want it.

One of Herron's psychiatrists even told him he was an "ideal candidate" for sex reassignment surgery.

Herron: "They were using experiences in my real life to prove that I actually wasn't just a gay guy, right? They were trying to prove I had internalized transphobia. And then when it came down to the surgery stuff, which I kept saying no to, they were like, 'well, you've got severe atrophy,' which is where you get shrinkage in your genital area because of the hormones."

Doctors get a big payout for performing these surgeries.

The U.S. market value for genital surgery sat at $1.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 11.23% from 2022 to 2030. Globally, North America will account for 55% of the market share by 2025.

Herron: "I had to do this. Dysphoria was so bad. Otherwise, I would have done XYZ. I would have killed myself otherwise. That is a lie that you've been told ... this whole threat of 'if you don't get this then you're going to take your own life,' whatever. Then that to me spells a lot of problems because we're not helping people; we're filling their demands."

But some doctors are still looking out for the patient's best interest. In Florida last week, the board of medicine voted to ban so-called gender-affirming care for young people.

Republicans have been battling this issue, but some legislation is struggling to get through. Meanwhile, Democrats are either outright supporting the ideology or sneaking it in through loopholes.

If Michigan's Proposal 3 passes, it would allow all "individuals," meaning minors, to undergo "sterilization," which can include gender reassignment surgeries — all without parental consent.

Herron: "Your life isn't that bad that you need to get it taken off right now. I can assure you. And I can also tell you that the issues you're facing will likely link up to a lot of other things."

Governor Gretchen Whitmer strongly supports the proposal, and she's not the only radical dem in the country.

Parents are the ones who are supposed to form their children, but it is increasingly difficult when rules and regulations are being put in place to subvert that.

Democrats are not looking out for children, and many, like New York Mayor Eric Adams, support grooming through drag queen story hour.

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