Transgender Ideology’s ‘Corrosive Impact’

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  July 7, 2020   

New report calls out transgenderism

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Transgenderism in the United Kingdom is being called out as a "corrosive ideology."

A report by U.K. think tank Civitas declares that, in less than 20 years, "transgender" has gone from a fringe term known by few people outside of "specialist communities" to a "powerful political ideology driving significant social change."

It calls to prohibit the administration of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to children and to prohibit so-called social transition at school without the express permission of parents.

It also demands the discussion of transgenderism in school conform to science and biological fact.

The report goes on to declare that the so-called trans-rights movement "calls for recognition and protection from the State in the form of intervention to regulate the behavior of those outside of the identity group."

In June, a virtual drag queen story hour was canceled in Leeds after concerned parents expressed outrage, accusing drag queen Sab Samuel of sexually grooming children.

But it's not only conservatives who are calling out transgenderism.

The author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling — a leftist — has been taking fire from trans activists in recent months. Weeks ago, she was slammed for a tweet criticizing use of the phrase "people who menstruate" to substitute for "women," with actors in her blockbuster films disavowing her.

On Sunday, she doubled down, commenting, "We are watching a new kind of conversion therapy for young gay people, who are being set on a lifelong path of medicalization that may result in the loss of their fertility and/or full sexual function."

But the U.K. government continues to push transgenderism, despite alarming evidence that it harms women and children.

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