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by Samuel McCarthy  •  •  October 24, 2022   

Britain and the future of conservatism in Europe

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British Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader Liz Truss resigned on Thursday after only 44 days in office.

Liz Truss

Her resignation followed an about-face on economic policy pledges, mounting unpopularity, the firing of the only real conservative in her cabinet and the appointment of globalist Jeremy Hunt as her chancellor of the Exchequer.

Brexit leader and British conservative icon Nigel Farage stated, "So that's it. After 45 days as PM, Truss goes. The replacement will be a stich [sic] up by Tory MPs. The party is now Labour-lite and serves no purpose."

This isn't the first time Farage has criticized the Conservative Party and its leaders. Although Boris Johnson initially backed Farage's Brexit campaign to get the U.K. out of the EU, Farage became one of Johnson's fiercest critics in the following years. He faulted the then-prime minister for his refusal to tackle illegal immigration, his increasingly poor economic policies, his ruthless COVID tyranny, and his overall caving to the woke agenda.

Attorney General Suella Braverman

After Johnson's resignation, Farage endorsed then-Attorney General Suella Braverman to lead the Tories. He warned against the two top candidates: Truss and Johnson's former Chancellor, Rishi Sunak. He said of Braverman, "At the moment, Braverman is the only one actually prepared to stand up and say what needs to be done. ... 'Change politics for good' was the motto of the Brexit party; it was right then and it's right now." Almost ironically, Braverman was sacked after Truss appointed her as home secretary.

The Brexit leader warned that Truss was still an anti-Brexit Liberal Democrat in conservative clothing. He was right. Johnson oversaw the near-destruction of Britain's economy, the invasion of her shores by illegal immigrants and the exponential increase of cultural wokeism. Truss simply picked up where he left off.

Although she promised to slash taxes, put Britain first in the midst of the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and control the nation's ever-increasing inflation, Truss kept none of her promises and reversed course on nearly all.

Now, Farage is calling for the Conservative Party to be replaced. Last week he proclaimed:

If Labour were in power, their economic policies would be virtually identical. Some of the social stuff might be a little bit crazier — a little bit madder — but it would make no difference. I fail to see right now what the point of the Conservative Party is; I don't even know what function it serves. ... There is no point to this Conservative Party. It might have existed for 200 years; it now serves no purpose. It needs desperately to be replaced.

On Wednesday, Farage reiterated this rallying cry, explaining that he would need big-name Tories just as dissatisfied with the state of the party to defect, specifically naming Suella Braverman.

Conservative Renaissance

As globalism's greedy hand reaches out further and farther, Europe has seen a conservative resurgence arise to combat the ever-growing leftist agenda.

Giorgia Meloni

Earlier this year, French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen and her right-wing nationalist party garnered a higher percentage of the vote than any conservative party in decades. Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán won reelection, despite being embattled against the European Union's woke anti-family campaign. Sweden elected a conservative party in September, despite mainstream media labeling it as "neo-Nazi." Italy followed suit, electing a right-wing coalition led by pro-life Catholic mother Giorgia Meloni.

The U.K. and even the U.S. seem to have a harder time handing victories to conservatives. The chief reason is that there is no real conservative movement in either the U.K. or U.S.

The U.K.'s Conservative Party has become increasingly woke, abandoning foundational conservative principles almost across the board. Truss' resignation and Johnson's tenure are merely the "big name" items on the list of recent Tory failures. The first-ever openly-transsexual MP is a member of the Conservative Party. Senior Tory Penny Mordaunt — a contender for Prime Minister after Johnson's resignation — openly endorsed the trans agenda, saying, "Transmen are men and transwomen are women."

News Report: Off to the Races

Johnson himself gave globalism a significant foothold in the Conservative Party, promoting sodomy and allowing (and arguably accelerating) illegal immigration. According to Right to Life U.K., the ex-prime minister has only one pro-life vote on his record.

More recently, a majority of Tories voted with Labour to ban prayer and pro-life protests outside abortion mills. Two-hundred-forty-seven Tories voted for the bill, and only 110 voted against it. Among them were Braverman, Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch and Energy Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg.

What makes Rees-Mogg an oddity in Westminster is also what makes his pro-life voting record unsurprising: He's a devout Catholic. The late Sir David Amess was in the same camp. He was a devout Catholic with a consistently pro-life record. Amess even went so far as to found a parliamentary committee to combat endometriosis, a disease of the female reproductive system often resulting in infertility or pregnancy complications.

Catholic Conservatism

Rees-Mogg and Amess stand apart from the rest of the Tories for one simple reason: each of them values the Church over the party, and each treats the party as a means to an end, namely, the establishment of conservative principles.

This is, in short, why the U.K. has no real conservative movement: MPs value the party's power over principle. The true practice of Catholicism permits no room to commit to anything else over principles formed by the Church.

Conservative principles are not only compatible with Catholicism, they're rooted in Catholicism.

The U.S. has much the same issue. Republicans are roundly mocked for caving to increasingly-rabid leftist demands and offering little to no opposition. Few sitting Republicans are real conservatives. Most are establishment figureheads more afraid of losing committee appointments than of overseeing the destruction of the family.

News Report: Central Europe Rising

Le Pen promised not to back elite Parisian bankers but the working class and their families. Orbán put in place tax breaks and financial incentives to make it easier to have and raise children. Sweden's new leaders promote the nuclear family as the ideal. Meloni and her coalition even uphold the family over the country, and second only to God.

British and American politicians simply don't follow suit. They focus almost exclusively on the individual. But the family persists. It inspires fathers and mothers to do unthinkable acts of courage and heroism — whether fighting in a war or working an extra job so that the children can be homeschooled by their mothers. Individuals simply die, and the only way an individual may persist is through the family.

Modern conservatives — in both the U.K. and the U.S. — worship the party and ignore God. 

Conservative principles are not only compatible with Catholicism, they're rooted in Catholicism. Authentic conservatism demands the preservation and good of the family over the individual, that morality be regulated and demands a patriotic devotion to and defense of one's homeland.

Modern conservatives — in both the U.K. and the U.S. — worship the party and ignore God. They prize the individual over the family. Until these issues are rectified, conservatism will never take root in either Britain or America.

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