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by Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D.  •  •  January 18, 2017   

We're living in a crybaby culture — and adults who should know better are enabling it

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When children — young, unsocialized, yet to learn the virtues of patience and self-control — don't get their way, what do they usually do?

Throw a temper tantrum. They wail, stomp their feet, hit, throw things until they get their way. It's what young children do. The parents who love them resist their hysterics, patiently teaching them that such behavior is unacceptable; a family can't function when its members refuse to exercise the virtues of selflessness, self-possession and respect.

Society is nothing more than the family writ large. What happens when children — and the parents who raise them — never acquire the virtues of patience and self-control?

What we're seeing in the anti-Trump marches, the Black Lives Matter rallies that devolve into looting and violence, the student protests that shut down conservative speaking events by shouting down opponents or destroying property, the leftwing activist plans to plant stink bombs and blockade roads to D.C. on Inauguration Day, the boycott by Democrat lawmakers of Trump's swearing-in ceremony is essentially a national temper tantrum — children in the bodies of adults wailing, stomping their feet, hitting and throwing things because they didn't get their way, the election results weren't what they expected, they didn't get their man (or, in this case, woman).

All across college campuses, we're seeing the proliferation of "safe spaces" for students who refuse to deal with objective reality, who get "triggered" at the mention of an opposing opinion, who so lack the confidence, self-control or rational ability to engage in reasoned, civil debate with others that they must retreat— and adults who should know better are enabling it.

Watch the panel discuss this growing phenomenon in The Download—Triggered.


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