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by Trey Blanton  •  •  February 5, 2022   

Canadian protests keep rolling

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Canadian truckers have occupied the country's capital for a week, and even more protesters are expected to join this weekend. Fake-Catholic prime minister Justin Trudeau has enacted oppressive COVID measures, and the people have had enough. Church Militant's Trey Blanton delivers the highlights from this ongoing fight for freedom.

Canada's Freedom Convoy is occupying the city of Ottawa the only way Canadians know how. The peaceful protest is drawing the ire of politicians who have made false claims.

Alberta premier Jason Kenney, United Conservative Party: "People allied with the protesters assaulting RCMP officers, including one instance trying to ram members of the RCMP — this kind of conduct is totally unacceptable."

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has confirmed no such attack on law enforcement has taken place.

Alberta's United Conservative Party denies accusations it has negotiated with the truckers, but announced restrictions — including proof of the jab — may be ending within days. Truck drivers have received the bulk of the attention. Behind the scenes, however, there's a large number of people supporting the ongoing protest.

Reporter: "Why did you do this?"

Bernadette, protest supporter: "Because we stand behind them. We come from a communist country, and we came here because we didn't want to have oppression. We wanted to live in a free country. And for the last two years, we are living like prisoners."

Canadians are known for excessive politeness. Their political elites are as dangerous as any other globalist, which is why the people are standing up. American truckers are attempting to rally their own freedom convoy. But Facebook is blocking their ability to organize.

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