Trump Admin to Focus on ‘Abstinence’ Programs for Teens

by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  November 6, 2017   

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WASHINGTON ( - The Trump administration is putting $10 million into federal programs promoting abstinence in teen pregnancy prevention programs.

In July, the Trump administration announced it is taking away over $200 million from the Obama administration's teen sex education programs which mostly promoted abortion, artificial contraception and LGBT ideology.


The program, called sexual risk avoidance (SRA), is a more "holistic" approach to helping teenagers to make better decisions regarding sex.

Valerie Huber, a national "abstinence" advocate, was appointed to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) in June. Telling Focus on the Family about SRA, she commented, "They contextualize a whole battery of different topics that surround a young person's decision whether to have sex or not. Rather than someone telling a young person, 'Do this, don't do that,' it's casting a vision for a young person's future."

Progressive liberals, and especially organizations like Planned Parenthood, are complaining abstinence programs don't work, alleging they promote "a sex-shaming 'values' agenda put forward by members of Congress who are opposed to sex education."

Planned Parenthood's own sex-ed program, however, has been found to be ineffective and includes topics many people find troubling.

A Britishstudy, in the Journal of Health Economics titled "The Effect of Spending Cuts on Teen Pregnancy" revealed that many sex-ed programs are ineffective. It was found that between 2009–2014 when funding for sex-ed was stopped, pregnancy rates actually fell by almost 50 percent.

It further noted that Great Britain had the highest rate of teenage pregnancy despite having sex-ed pushed in schools since 1969.

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