Trump Condemns Forced Abortions, Christian Persecution in North Korea

by Anita Carey  •  •  November 9, 2017   

Kim Jong Un's totalitarian regime equated to a "military cult"

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SEOUL ( - Trump is denouncing North Korea as a "Hell that no person deserves," singling out its persecution of Christians and its brutality against mothers and babies. In a speech given to South Korea's National Assembly on Wednesday, Trump blasted Kim Jong Un's totalitarian regime for its practice of forced abortions, infanticide and religious persecution.

Trump equated North Korea's government to a "military cult" and said it is "no surprise" that the country is taking drastic measures to keep its people "enslaved."

"Because the regime fears the truth above all else, it forbids virtually all contact with the outside world," he remarked.

Trump decried the loss of Christianity and the "cruel dictatorship" that doesn't value its people except in "indications of their allegiance to the state."

One woman's baby born to a Chinese father was taken away in a bucket. The guard said it did not deserve to live because it was impure.

"In the part of Korea that was a stronghold for Christianity before the war, Christians and other people of faith who are found praying or holding a religious book of any kind are now detained, tortured, and, in many cases, even executed," he explained.

"North Korean women are forced to abort babies that are considered ethnically inferior," Trump said. "And if these babies are born, the newborns are murdered."

He told how "[o]ne woman's baby born to a Chinese father was taken away in a bucket. The guard said it did not deserve to live because it was impure." He asked, "So why would China feel an obligation to help North Korea?"

Trump has been lauded as the most pro-life president in modern history. Only three days after his inauguration, he signed an executive order reinstating the Mexico City Policy, withholding federal funds from international organizations that perform abortions. In April, he announced that the United States would no longer fund the United Nation's Population fund because of its participation in China's forced abortion regime.

"The horror of life in North Korea is so complete that citizens pay bribes to government officials to have themselves exported aboard as slaves," he said in his South Korea address. "They would rather be slaves than live in North Korea."

Trump noted that "[t]o attempt to flee is a crime punishable by death." He spoke of an escapee who said, "When I think about it now, I was not a human being. I was more like an animal. Only after leaving North Korea did I realize what life was supposed to be."

Trump contrasted life in North Korea with that of neighboring South Korea, calling South Korea an "inspiration."

"Your wealth is measured in more than money," he remarked. "It is measured in achievements of the mind and achievements of spirit."

The president called on all nations to implement the U.N. Security Council resolutions against North Korea.

"Yet despite every crime you have committed against God and man," he said of North Korea, "we will offer a path to a much better future. And it is our hope that someday soon all of your brothers and sisters of the North will be able to enjoy the fullest of life intended by God."

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