Trump — Cruising to Re-Election?

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by Martina Moyski  •  •  January 13, 2020   

Poll: Voters identify more with Trump's GOP than Dems on main issues

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DETROIT ( - A significant number of Americans are leaning toward Donald Trump's GOP when it comes to major issues facing the country.

A recent Rasmussen Report survey finds 37% of likely voters say their views are closest to Trump, while just 13% identify most with the average establishment Republican in Congress. Together, that makes 50% who identify with members of the GOP, which compares to 44% of likely U.S. voters saying their views are closest to the average Democratic member of Congress.

In addition, among Republicans, 68% say their views are closest to Trump's, while 16% align themselves most with the average Republican in Congress. Eighty-one percent of Democrats identify most with the average Democratic member of Congress, giving the GOP a three-point lead.

Church Militant talked with Daniel Steingraber, vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Lucas County Republican Party, who's been observing President Trump's appeal to voters — and whose observations corroborate the findings of the Rasmussen poll.

Steingraber noted how Trump has been swaying various types of voters to the GOP, particularly when it comes to major issues affecting the country, including abortion and the economy, among others.

Trump's appeal to blue-collar workers who may have voted Democrat in the past or who may not have been voting at all in recent elections is notable, he said, adding that Trump appeals to this group's "predominantly conservative thought processes."

"They've been pulling the cover off historical union propaganda and turning to Trump's GOP," the vice chairman said.

The president is also attracting pro-life voters, who are turned off by the Democrats' radical pro-abortion stance. Gone is Democrat Bill Clinton's "safe, legal and rare" abortion rhetoric of the 1990s, which has been replaced by Ralph Northam's advocacy of infanticide and abortion on demand.

Pro-Second Amendment citizens are finding in the president a steadfast advocate, as are anti-government regulation folks who have suffered through the red tape conundrum of trying to start or maintain a business in past decades, Steingraber noted.

He said what may have personally been "the biggest surprise" for him — and certainly has attracted others onto Trump's bandwagon — has been how "mind-bogglingly successful Trump has been with foreign policy." The ability to turn the tide from "Death to America" to "Death to the Regime" and alter the political landscape of Iran toward freedom in a matter of weeks represents a case in point.

Results Trumping Personality

Steingraber concedes that some voters may be turned off by Trump's "public persona" which he points out may be different from Trump's "private persona." But to those who reject Trump for his personality, he says, "look to his policy, look at what he does." "Trump may have saved the country for our grandchildren with his nominations for the Supreme Court," he added.

The vice chairman also spoke of Trump as "refreshing" as a politician who has kept his word. "Promises Made Promises Kept" read the banner over the Trump rally in Toldeo," he noted, and this too has attracted voters.

The GOP has "felt much more strongly" than Democrats that their congressional representatives are "out of touch with the party's base," according to the Rasmussen survey.

He spoke of Trump as 'refreshing,' as a politician who has kept his word.

But Trump may be changing that, pulling more onto the "Trump train," ensuring his re-election. About the president's re-election chances, Steingraber said:

I do believe President Trump is headed for re-election. The economy is as good as I ever remember. As a small business owner I spend a significant amount of time with other small business owners and when I ask them how's business they all say the same thing: "Fantastic." We'd be crazy to change administrations with the economic success and prosperity we're experiencing.

Steingraber not only attended Trump's rally in Toledo last Thursday in the Huntington Center but rode in the president's motorcade to get there.

The Rasmussen poll results were based on a survey of 1,000 likely voters conducted online and via telephone from Jan. 9–12, 2020.

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