Trump to Appoint Pro-Life Supreme Court Justice?

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by Richard Ducayne  •  •  May 12, 2016   

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NEW YORK ( - In response to a viewer question on Fox News' O'Reilly Factor that asked what presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would do to help protect the life of an unborn child, the candidate responded that he would appoint a pro-life justice to the Supreme Court.

"I will protect [human life]," Trump said, "and the biggest way you can protect it is through the Supreme Court and putting people in the Court, and actually the biggest way [you] can protect it, I guess, is by electing me president."

When pressed by O'Reilly to clarify whether he'd want his nominees to overturn Roe v. Wade, Trump stopped short of providing a definitive answer. "They will be pro-life,"he replied, "and we will see what about overturning."

The candidate elaborated on his former support for abortion, which has turned off many pro-life voters and caused them to distrust the candidate.

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"I've become pro-life," he said. "I was in a meek fashion pro-choice, but I've become pro-life. And the reason is I've seen ... in my case, one specific situation ... but numerous situations that have made me to go that way."

The specific case that made the presidential candidate change his mind on abortion was not spoken about in detail during the interview.

Trump has previously praised abortion giant Planned Parenthood for doing "good work for millions of women" but said he would defund it if it continues committing abortions. Trump also supports abortion in the case of rape and incest.

According to this report from Planned Parenthood, the abortion giant makes 86 percent of its revenue from abortion. Losing its primary source of profit would be devastating to the organization. When Cecile Richards was asked in a hearing about the percent of revenue made, she did not deny the 86 percent figure.

Last year, Trump made news in the pro-life world when he said that his pro-abortion sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, would make a wonderful justice for the Supreme Court. He later clarified that he was joking.

"Well, look, just so you understand, I said it jokingly," he clarified. "My sister's a brilliant person, known as a brilliant person, but it's obviously a conflict. And I said, 'Oh, how about my sister?' Kiddingly."

He continued, "My sister, also she — she also happens to have a little bit different views than me, but I said that in a very joking matter, and it was all lots of fun and everything else. I would say total conflict of interest as far as my sister."


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