Biden Victory Would Open Door to Global Tyranny

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by David Martin  •  •  November 25, 2020   

Trump victory would keep America free

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While America teeters on the brink of falling into the clutches of global elite masters that seek to take our country from us through the heisting of the 2020 election, it behooves Americans to reflect on just how willing they are to fight to keep Donald Trump in office through the honoring of electoral rules. For if Trump leaves the Oval Office, America will fall and consequently, the world will fall with it; whereas if Trump stays on, America will stand and there is hope for the world.

Bill Gates

It is for this reason that the eyes of the world are fixed on America at this pivotal moment of history, for America is the only nation left on earth that can act as a mighty bulwark to hold back the tsunami of globalism that is ready to break forth upon the nations. Donald Trump stands at the head of America and has vowed to stand by her by guarding her borders and by seeing to the protection of her citizens beginning with the unborn. If Trump is removed from office through electoral fraud, the tsunami of globalism will break out upon the West, whereupon America and the West will be submerged under the tyranny of a communistic one-world government.

The globalists are banking on a Joe Biden victory to fulfill their dream of a totalitarian world government, which they call the "Great Reset," for Biden is their trophy. He is the key that will open the door to this world government through which America and Christianity would be enslaved under the rule of global despots.

Arrival of the Tsunami

Upon a Biden victory, the plan would be to bring about a national state of emergency through riots and civil unrest, and also through the COVID-19 scare, which in turn would give globalists an excuse to step in with the United Nations' martial law for the purported purpose of "keeping the peace." In that manner, Americans would one day wake up and realize that their country has been taken from them, and the unborn — the very life of future America — from thence would have zero protection from globalist predation.

If Biden is "elected," he and Kamala Harris will do everything in their power to remove every obstacle to abortion. They will make sure abortion and abortifacient drugs are provided to all who want them and force Americans to pay for it. They will punish anyone who opposes their pro-death agenda, shut down pro-life organizations and arrest anyone who peacefully marches for life in front of an abortion mill.

The globalists are banking on a Joe Biden victory to fulfill their dream of a totalitarian world government.

And if Biden comes to power, we will see what the coronavirus pandemic is really about, if we don't already see this. For COVID-19 is not a pandemic but an agenda — a red agenda that is providing deep-State socialists with a political tool to lock down our liberty, to lock down our churches and to shackle America.

But too, COVID-19 is providing globalists with an excuse to impose poisonous vaccines backed by the World Health Organization (WHO) that will destroy our reproductive capacities and make us deathly sick. This is the sinister Bill Gates-vaccine that would require verification of having received it via scan, without which one will not have a ticket to ride in society. You won't be able to buy a car, to have medical insurance or to have a bank account.

We indeed would be barred from all public activity because anyone caught without verification of vaccination would be flagged and considered a threat to public health and safety and dragged into permanent confinement. Unfortunately, a fear-ridden society will all-too-quickly stand behind such an ordinance, especially if there are rewards offered for reporting people who violate COVID rules. Biden would be the Neo-Nazi that socialist Amerika salutes and reports to.

God will lead us safely to victory and guide us in the holy path of making America great again if we will follow His guidance.

A Biden victory indeed will open the door to world tyranny and end our way of life forever, whereas a GOP victory will trump Biden and the socialists and keep America free.

America Answers Call to Arms

Fortunately, there are many loyal Christian Americans who won't stand for Biden's dictatorial agenda. The 200,000 Trump supporters who valiantly marched in Washington, D.C. Nov. 13–14 demanding that justice be done in the 2020 election certainly proves this.

Cdl. Raymond Burke

In like manner, all Americans are urged to stand behind the leader whom God has raised up to deliver America from globalism. It's an easy fix if America will prayerfully turn to God and resolve now that the injustice of fraud shall have no part with election 2020. God will lead us safely to victory and guide us in the holy path of making America great again if we will follow His guidance.

Nationwide Rosary Crusade Needed

Specifically, America needs to pray the Rosary. This is what spiritual authorities like Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò and Cdl. Raymond Burke are calling for, a constant string of Rosaries going throughout our country — bead to bead, link to link — a solid prayer link across our land.

For in a similar way, the Ottoman Turks were miraculously defeated at the Battle of Lepanto (1571) by the Rosary crusade ordered by Pope St. Pius V; so it is that with the Rosary the red enemy will be turned back and the Red Sea of globalism will close in upon these socialist pharaohs that are now pursuing America with a rage.

Let the word be quickly spread that with the Rosary, we hold the power of God in our hands! It was for reason that the late St. Padre Pio referred to the Rosary as "the weapon," so let America arm itself with this holy ammunition that she might be victorious at this critical moment of world history.

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