Twitter War Over Fr. Spadaro’s Whining

by Christine Niles  •  •  July 19, 2017   

Spadaro roundly mocked for tweet bashing "haters"

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Church Militant responded to Spadaro's hit piece against this apostolate Tuesday as well as in a Vortex Wednesday. Church Militant is also responding on Twitter, as Spadaro continues to press the theme.

Blogger Julie at Connecticut Corner is noticing the tweet storm that's ensued ever since the editor-in-chief of La Civiltá Cattolica (and close papal advisor) accused his critics of being "haters":

In a blog post titled "Michael Voris & Christine Niles vs Fr. Antonia Spadaro on Twitter," Julie notes our response:

And Christine Niles jumps in...

...and then quickly followed with (LOL)

And then Michael gets back into it with... which point Spadaro picks up his ball and goes home.

God I love Twitter!
Several priests also responded to Spadaro's complaint.
The majority of the rest of the tweets are similarly dismissive. As of this writing, Spadaro has yet to respond.

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