TX Bishop Panders to Left

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by Trey Blanton  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  May 27, 2021   

Dallas diocese joins racist Democrats

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We shift now to bishops in Texas, where the state bishops' conference opposes efforts to create a Culture of Life but has no problem taking an easy, virtue-signaling route. As Church Militant reported last night, Dallas bishop Edward Burns held a so-called Mass of Remembrance yesterday for George Floyd on the anniversary of his death. Church Militant's Trey Blanton gives us details from the ground.

Dr. Troy Jackson: "They are selling people a lie. They are selling the Church a lie, and it's time that we as believers tell the truth."

Faithful Catholics with Church Militant Resistance held vigil in heavy rain to pray for the Black lives abandoned by Bp. Burns. The diocese of Dallas stood in solidarity with the anti-CatholicMarxist organization, Black Lives Matter.

Dr. Jackson: "Even when you look at the accepting of all the immoral things that go on in America, all of these things have been orchestrated by the progressive, socialist, leftist Marxists coming from the Democrat Party."

Dr. Jackson explains how pandering to the Black community is insufficient.

Dr. Jackson: "George Floyd — from a fatherless home — another problem in America caused by a 'Great Society' program, so to speak, out in the community. What did the Church do before — did the Church step in to help him get off drugs?"

Catholics in Dallas are praying Bp. Burns will take a more powerful stand against the racist abortion industry.

Pastor Eugene Ralph gives his take on how the pro-life movement can improve.

Pastor Eugene Ralph: "Trump understood how to talk to the common man. I call this guy the blue-collar billionaire. OK? He could walk down the street [and] have a conversation with the average guy or woman, and they could understand each other. That's not the majority of the Republican Party."

The breakdown in strong family units the past 100 years is what has led Americans of all races into financial and spiritual poverty.

Pastor Ralph: "Those who are anti-Christ, from their perspective, their viewpoint ... have been working in various ways to water down what the nation was all about as far as the Christian relevance, the biblical relevance."

Pastors Jackson and Ralph sum up that it is, ultimately, the Church's fault the secular world has been able to corrupt society.

Dr. Jackson: "Many of those issues that the Church is currently speaking out in support of are issues that the Church caused."

Racism is evil and must be fought. The question is, who is responsible for keeping racism alive?

Local news in Dallas failed to inform their audience of the calls BLM makes to burn down the system, preferring instead, to describe all of their "peaceful remembrances" as simply that — "peaceful."  

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