Instructor Arrested for Attacking Conservative Students

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by David Nussman  •  •  November 20, 2017   

Protesting anarchist charged with damaging student's phone

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. ( - At a socialist-backed, anti-Trump rally on Thursday, a leftist instructor got into a shouting match with conservative students. He took and damaged one student's cell phone and was charged by the police with property damage.

The instructor, Tariq Khan, was speaking at an anti-Trump rally on campus at the University of Illinois. At one point during his speech, the Ph.D. candidate hurled his charges of fascism at the on-campus presence of Turning Point USA (TP USA), a conservative organization for young adults. 

Joel Valdez, an executive board member of TP USA, was about 30 feet away and began a shouting match with Khan. Part of the shouting match was caught on video. After a little back-and-forth, Valdez is heard asking, "Don't you have anything better to do? Don't you have kids?" 

Next, an angry Khan is seen rushing over to the conservative students. He started shouting in their faces, "Threaten my kids? Threaten my kids?" 

(WARNING: graphic language)

It seemed like Khan misheard Valdez's rhetorical question. Valdez and the other students tried to explain it to the enraged instructor. Their responses ranged from "No one threatened your kids!" to "I didn't say nothin.'" 

Khan captured video on his phone, as did several of the students he was confronting. 

Conservative onlooker (left) confronted by Tariq Kahn (right)

He spent another minute or two getting in the young men's faces, accusing them of threatening his children. He said things like, "Tough guy — you're a tough guy! You want to threaten my kids?" 

About 90 seconds into the video, Khan is seen briefly wrestling with one young man over his cell phone. After he stole the student's phone, the others started saying, "Call the cops!" 

Someone off-camera called the police. They all started warning Khan, "Cops are coming." He replied, "Tell them you threatened my kids!" 

After a few more moments of arguing and cussing from both parties, Khan chucked the phone down onto the cement and walked away with other members of the rally. 

When police arrived, they got the names of the conservative students. One of them knew Khan's name and relayed it to the officers. 

As noted by Campus Reform, Khan teaches courses in "Gender History" and "Constructing Races." Outside of academia, he is known as an anarchist blogger. 

Khan was charged with property damage for taking the young man's phone and slamming it on the pavement. 

Campus Reform is a project of conservative group The Leadership Institute. It covers stories related to free speech and other political matters on college campuses nationwide. 


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