UK Politician Accused of Child Sex Abuse Advocates for Gender-Neutral Toilets

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by Martina Moyski  •  •  July 23, 2019   

Middlesbrough councilor charged with string of sex offenses

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MIDDLESBROUGH, England ( - A British town councilor who has pushed to make government-owned facilities gender-neutral has been charged with nine counts of sexually touching a child.

David Smith, who represents the Coulby Newham neighborhood in the Middlesbrough Council, faces nine counts of sexually touching a child.

On Tuesday, June 18, weeks before his accusations went public, Smith approached Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston with the topic of gender-neutral toilets, one of Smith's campaign issues.

Smith explained that his interest in toilets stemmed from interactions with 'transgender and non-binary people.'

The 30-year-old pointed out that throughout England, pubs, shopping centers, universities and schools are "becoming gender neutral" so that "our transgender and non-binary family and friends feel safe when using the facilities."

Smith explained that his interest in toilets stemmed from interactions with "transgender and non-binary people" in the area.

"Through my time interacting with local transgender and non-binary people, I've seen firsthand the difficulties faced by these individuals when accessing public toilets and changing rooms," he said.

Ellie Lowther, Trans Aware director

One of the transgender advocates in Smith's neighborhood is Ellie Lowther, director of the Trans Aware charity, that seeks to make sure anyone affected by gender identity issues feels supported. Lowther has warned that "a number of transgender people have taken to self-harm, because of the issues they have faced."

Smith augmented the challenges transgenders and non-binary people face, saying, "The feeling of humiliation is an experience that most of us don't go through when visiting a public toilet and, in 2019, that is simply unacceptable."

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has set a precedent for Smith's motion. In November 2018, Khan replaced female toilets and shower rooms at London's City Hall with gender-neutral facilities.

Khan was solicitor for anti-white, anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan in 2002 as Farrakhan sought entry into the United Kingdom. As mayor, he permitted the plan to fly a giant inflatable "Trump baby" near Parliament to coincide with President Donald Trump's U.K. visit in 2019.

Despite the disparate views, in 2017, Khan instituted gender-neutral toilets throughout London. He justified his action declaring he had "vowed to be a mayor for all Londoners," and was "determined to ensure that everyone has the ability to enjoy our great city to its fullest."

Khan's policy [is] the latest move in 'an ideological tsunami that sweeps commonsense and biological reality aside.'

"Toilets are a vital public service," he declared, describing how, in his view, they "can help to shape the experience of the capital" for residents and visitors.

"We need a range of toilets that reflect the incredible diversity of this city — giving people the confidence to move around London with dignity," Khan added.

Critic Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, described Khan's policy as just the latest move in "an ideological tsunami that sweeps commonsense and biological reality aside."

Critics of gender-neutral toilets point to cases like that of a trans "woman," reported by Breitbart, who waited for a young victim to come out of a toilet cubicle at a Morrisons supermarket in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, then grabbed her by the face and forced her back inside.

The attacker's name was given as "Katie Dolatowski."


Dolatowski told the girl to remove her trousers and warned that a man outside would kill her mother, according to reports, but she fought back, striking the attacker in the face, belly and crotch and breaking away to her father and siblings outside.

Dolatowski had also attempted to photograph a 12-year-old as she urinated at another supermarket a month prior in nearby Dunfermline — but the judge, James Williamson, decided not to send the sex offender to prison, instead handing down a tagging order and community service order which he claimed was "stringent."

Smith denies the accusations of child abuse.

"I completely reject these spurious allegations and removing myself from the party will ensure I can focus all my efforts on fighting to clear my name," he added.

In a statement, Smith said, "I am resigning from the Conservative Party and the Middlesbrough Council Conservative group with immediate effect in light of the allegations that have been made against me." The Conservative Party has been described as "not really conservative" by Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage.

"I have worked hard to ensure I serve the people of Coulby Newham to the best of my ability," he continued, from tackling the issue of potholes, ordering bollards to be installed to ensure the public stop parking on a resident's property, highlighting the issue of drug use and advocating for the local LGBTQ community.

"This is who I am as a person and a community activist," he said.

Last month, Smith apologized for comments he made to the Middlesbrough Football Club fan page Fly Me To The Moon in which he referred to people on benefits as "rotten pond life families that should be sterilized and washed."

Smith, who was elected in May, is due to appear at Teesside Magistrates' Court in Middlesbrough on Aug. 7.

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