UK Priests Back Humanae Vitae

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by Stephen Wynne  •  •  June 20, 2018   

Nearly 500 clerics sign statement in support of encyclical's teaching

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Hundreds of British priests are re-affirming Church teaching on contraception.

In the UK last week, Catholic clerics unveiled "Humanae Vitae 50," a declaration of support for Pope Paul's 1968 encyclical on human sexuality and birth control.

Signed by nearly 500 priests, the statement calls for Humanae Vitae to be the basis for rebuilding British society, saying: "As priests we desire to affirm … a rediscovery of the way of nature and respect for human dignity is essential for the future of our people, Catholic and non-Catholic alike."

Since 1968, Britain has become a major supporter of contraception and abortion across the world.

According to one BBC reporter: "The fact remains that hundreds of millions of women don't have access and should" — to which Nigerian-born pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha responded, "Well, you're saying 'should,' but who are you to decide, if you don't mind me saying?"

Launched by lay Catholics, "Humanae Vitae 50" is meant to encourage UK clerics to reinforce Church teaching at a time when dissidents inside the Vatican are pushing for the encyclical's reinterpretation.

Organizers are calling the declaration a milestone in the history of the Church in Britain.

They say the number of signatories — nearly one in ten British priests — signifies a shift among the country's clergy, noting very few UK clerics publicly backed Humanae Vitae in the wake of its 1968 release.

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