UK Retracts Order Allowing Mothers to Kill Babies at Home During Pandemic

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by Jules Gomes  •  •  March 24, 2020   

Chinese virus could save 44,000 British babies over next three months

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LONDON ( - In a dramatic turnabout, the British government has withdrawn a directive allowing women to abort babies at home, hours after it was published on the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) website.

On Monday, the DHSC posted an "approval" from Heath Secretary Matt Hancock announcing that women would no longer need to go to a hospital or clinic to have an abortion during the period of the lockdown caused by the Chinese virus.

CBRUK's new banner released exclusively to Church Militant

The directive stipulated two venues as "approved as a class of place" where a woman could abort her baby: the woman's home or the residence of a registered medical practitioner.

The mother could perform the abortion by consulting "via video link, telephone conference or other electronic means" with a registered medical practitioner and would be "prescribed Mifepristone and Misoprostol to be taken for the purposes of the termination of her pregnancy," the document stated.

However, hours later the directive was pulled from the DHSC website with a message stating that the notification had been "published in error. There will be no change to abortion regulations."

Church Militant obtained a copy of the directive, signed by Director of Population Health Mark Davies, before it was removed from the government's website.

On Tuesday, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) — the United Kindom's largest abortion provider, retaliated against the government's backpedaling, inciting its pro-abort supporters to write to their members of Parliament and have the order reinstated.

Abortion has never been health care. It always violently ends an innocent human life.

"As you may have seen, there has been some confusion around the provision of abortion medication via telemedicine during the current public health crisis. We are seeking an urgent clarification as to why the Dept. of Health gave and withdrew permission for this service yesterday," BPAS asked.

"Today, we are asking the government to reinstate telemedicine for abortion care and enable nurses and midwives to sign off abortion procedures during this time of crisis — or risk delays to up to 44,000 abortion procedures," BPAS tweeted.

Over the next three months, 44,000 women in England and Wales are expected to seek access to an early medical abortion.

"Paradoxically, the coronavirus may save the lives of thousands, if the government decides that investing money at this time in killing 44,000 babies over the next three months is unjustifiable," Dave Brennan, Executive Director of Brephos, told Church Militant. Brephos works to educate churches on pro-life issues.

"More than that, this may finally wake us up to the fact that the intentional killing of unborn children has never been health care and should never be paid for out of public money, much less the health budget," Brennan commented. "Abortion has never been health care. It always violently ends an innocent human life."

"At a time when the National Health Service is already overstretched, if this government deems it fit to legalize dangerous at-home DIY abortions where women self-administer extremely powerful abortifacient drugs, we are going to see women and girls hemorrhaging to death at home," he explained.

"Is the government intent on adding to the coronavirus death toll a whole new category of loss of life?" Brennan asked, referring to the babies slaughtered at home.

On Monday morning, pro-abortionists from the Royal College of Midwives, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and BPAS wrote to Hancock urging him to change the law so that a single doctor could sign off on abortions.

Sources suggested that the health secretary may have been responding in haste to their demands since the new directive requires "consultation" with only one doctor.

Current law stipulates that abortions in England can only be carried out in a hospital, by a specialist provider or a licensed clinic and needs to be approved by two doctors.

Using the Chinese virus crisis to circumvent the law, the pro-abort activists warned the health secretary of "the unacceptable impact on any woman forced to continue a pregnancy for want of a second doctor to sign off a form."

"In the current circumstances with COVID-19, meaning doctors are self-isolating or off sick and the NHS under immense pressure, it wastes valuable time, puts everyone at greater risk of spreading or contracting coronavirus and risks our ability to provide abortion care at all," the campaigners' letter stated.

Is the government intent on adding to the coronavirus death toll a whole new category of loss of life?

Independent British abortion providers account for almost three-quarters (72%) of abortions, relying on the equivalent of just 20 full-time doctors, of which 70% also work in Britain's state-funded National Health Service, and so are more likely to be in contact with people carrying the Chinese virus.

Pro-abort activists demanding the slaughter of unborn babies

In order to make people aware of the consequences of DIY abortions, "the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform UK and its affiliates across the globe will be displaying large images on the brutality of DIY abortions to shine a light on the cruel deception of the abortion industry, i.e. medical abortions are just a 'simple procedure' that makes 'your problem' disappear," Andy Stephenson, CEO and founder of CBRUK told Church Militant.

CBRUK has given Church Militant an exclusive preview into its new banner depicting the horror of home abortions. The banner, featured in this report, shows an eight-week embryo which has been expelled from the mother's body along with feces in the toilet.

Sources say that pro-abortionists have stepped up campaigns for easy access to DIY abortions since clinics are finding it increasingly difficult to find doctors willing to perform abortions — the procedure can be traumatic for the medical staff.

Dr. Rachel M. MacNair in her book Perpetration-Induced Traumatic Stress: The Psychological Consequences of Killing has a chapter on doctors suffering PITS as a consequence of performing abortions.

The study "Unconscionable: When Providers Deny Abortion Care" (2017) reports evidence of "a worrisome and growing global trend of health care providers who are refusing to deliver abortion and other sexual and reproductive health care."

On Monday, calling for DIY abortions to "become a permanent health care option," Grainne Teggart, Amnesty International UK’s Northern Ireland Campaign Manager, had welcomed the directive as a "necessary step to ensure people can self-manage abortions at home, particularly during the current global health pandemic."

In 2018, the British government approved women's homes as a "class of place" for the second stage of an early medical abortion. In the same period, the health secretary also permitted women to take misoprostol, the second medical abortion pill, at home.

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