UK Uses ‘Behavioral Blackmail’ to Push Jabs

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by Jules Gomes  •  •  April 21, 2021   

Unethical messaging violates ethics of the British Psychological Society

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WESTMINSTER, England ( - Britain's State-run National Health Service (NHS) is using "unethical" manipulation tactics prescribed by its behavioral psychologists to coerce "high-priority population cohorts" into taking the COVID-19 experimental vaccine.  

Government advertising used to create fear in the population

Church Militant obtained a copy of an information pack detailing how NHS workers promoting the jab could make people "more keen and willing to do what you are asking of them" and "convert two in every three of the undecided" by using "a litany of nudges."

The key document, which has now been deleted from the health provider's websites, stresses that persuading people to get the jab "will take more than logistics and simple messaging" since only "as few as 57% of U.K. adults" are willing to be vaccinated.

The "behavioral approach" prescribes a set of messages to be used in targeting key population cohorts including people over 65, young people and care home residents in order to combat responses ranging "from anxiety to determined resistance, mild skepticism to overt mistrust, [and] disinterest to conscious non-compliance."

Titled "Optimizing Vaccination Roll Out — Dos and Don'ts for all messaging, documents and 'communications' in the widest sense" is published by NHS England and NHS Improvement Behavior Change Unit, in partnership with Public Health England and Warwick Business School and has been in use since December 2020.

In dealing with people over 65, vaccine promoters are asked to "leverage anticipated regret in communications" by warning the cohort: "The virus isn't getting weaker. Over 65s are over three times more likely to die if you get COVID. Think about how you will feel if you do not get vaccinated and end up with COVID-19."

Vax Coercion: 'All Hallmarks of Abuse'

In comments to Church Militant, psychoanalyst and author Dr. Bruce Scott explained how the NHS document "was full of hypnosis, trickery, gaslighting, shame-inducing, threats, hiding the truth, and bore all hallmarks of domestic abuse and behavioral blackmail."

Domestic abusers are very economical with the truth. The abuser promises freedom but is tightening the screws all the time.

"From a clinical perspective this violates the ethical guidelines of the British Psychological Society, the Nuremberg Code and the UNESCO code of bioethics, especially since it does not offer the whole gamut of informed consent," Scott observed.

"Domestic abusers are very economical with the truth," Scott noted, citing his own clinical experience with victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse. "The abuser promises freedom but is tightening the screws all the time."

Psychologists have condemned the British government's use of fear-mongering advertising
Scott said the document was doing this by repeating the mantra of "getting your life back," but top politicians were sending out deliberately contradictory messages saying vaccinated people would still have to comply with lockdowns, social distancing, masks, dangerous variants and so saying "you can't have your life back."

The document assures the over-65s: "This vaccine is effective in your age group and will allow you to return to normality, which means freedom to do what you enjoy, such as group classes, swimming, seeing friends and family, and getting your life back."

Shame, Blackmail Youth

Young people, despite being "unlikely to get ill and have complications," are to be coerced into immunization by telling them they are "key to achieving community immunity," they "have a very important part to play in the national effort" and "normality can only return for you and others, with your vaccination."

The behavioral psychologists know that they are now facing the hard core with NHS staff, but blackmail tactics don't make it any more palatable.

Youth are also to be guilt-shamed by telling them that "the vaccine is not 100% effective, so if only your older relative has it you could still give them the virus if you are not vaccinated."

"The more young people vaccinated, the safer it will be and the less likely will be future lockdowns. If you want to be able to do what you want, then having the vaccine is the fastest and safest way to achieving this," is "a message that will land well," the NHS notes.

Deleted NHS document on coercing high-priority cohorts

On the positive side, the vaccine promoter is to "highlight popular 'normal life' activities that young people can engage in again once vaccinated — socializing, sports and exercise, work, lectures, events, etc."

Stroke 'Ego': Health Care Workers

The document also offers "messaging" on persuading health care workers refusing to take the jab, particularly those from an ethnic and religious background.

Vaccine promoters are asked to "reassure [them] that we understand personal, ethical, cultural or religious reasons for not wanting to be an immunizer."

The "ego" tactic of making people "feel better about ourselves and our actions" is to be applied to health care workers by assuring them that "immunizers are the latest 'NHS heroes.'"

The 'ego' tactic of making people 'feel better about ourselves and our actions' is to be applied to health care workers by assuring them that 'immunizers are the latest 'NHS heroes.'

Mental health expert and academic Dr. Niall McCrae told Church Militant "the NHS vaccination drive in their professional staff is getting desperate. Sadly, many have relented to the pressure, taking an experimental vaccine against their will."

"The behavioral psychologists know they are now facing the hard core with NHS staff, but blackmail tactics don't make it any more palatable," Dr. McCrae added.

Government: 'Surrogate Willpower'

The NHS document references an earlier MINDSPACE technique produced by the British government's Whitehall Behavioral Insights Team offering "'nudge' type policy tools" and calling for the government to act as "surrogate willpower."

"The logic here is that if government is already attempting to shape behavior, it should do so as effectively as possible," the MINDSPACE report states.

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