Undercover Reporter: More Planned Parenthood Videos Coming Soon

by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  January 22, 2016   

"Planned Parenthood hunts for baby parts like buried treasure"

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WASHINGTON (ChurchMilitant.com) - Nearly 30 percent of existing video footage allegedly incriminating Planned Parenthood (PP) in the illegal sale of fetal organs is still unreleased — and it's coming soon.

That's what the founder of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), David Daleiden, said Friday morning in an interview with the Washington Journal, fielding questions and comments about CMP's Planned Parenthood exposé videos.

Daleiden, one of the primary undercover actors in the PP videos, responded to claims that CMP videos were "heavily edited" and "doctored," saying that the full footage of the conversations between undercover investigators and "top-level PP leadership" is available for the entire public: "Every news report that you'll watch on TV, even a live broadcast, is in some way edited or in some way produced precisely in order to make it more easily presentable to the public."

Daleiden, who has nine years of experience in investigative journalism focusing on the abortion industry, commented on Cecile Richards' claims that CMP's sole intent was to smear PP. "Not once did Miss Richards ever deny that the statements on the videos were actually made by top-level PP leadership, and we don't put those words in their mouths."

"Those are their own words that were captured on video for everyone to see," he insisted.

Daleiden said Richards' claim that the videos are doctored is "disingenuous" and intended as a distraction. "They can't deny what's there," he said, adding that PP "hunts for body parts like buried treasure."

Since the release of the videos six months ago, Daleiden noted that PP has yet to substantively answer any of the points of evidence against them, including why one of their senior directors of medical services was talking about flipping a baby into a first position on ultrasound in order to harvest more intact fetal organs.

Daleiden noted the contradictions in PP's talking points. On the one hand, the abortion giant claims the fetus is not a human being, while on the other hand it claims the procurement of fetal organs is good for medical research — a claim validated only by acknowledging the fetus' humanity.

Most states acknowledge fetal homicide. The one exception to that law, Daleiden noted, is legalized abortion.

When asked whether using hidden recording devices discredited his work, Daleiden said that going undercover is an "important part of journalism and law enforcement" for finding the facts.

Daleiden, a Catholic, said that from a political point of view, he was not advocating making all abortions illegal. He said he would prefer the law "prior to Roe v. Wade," where the decision was left to the democratic process in each state, expressing hope that there could be a "middle ground" between the pro-life and pro-choice stances.

In response to a caller's objection that abortion is a woman's right to choose rather than a man's, Daleiden said that making abortion "only a woman's issue" also makes it "only a woman's problem." In fact, he said, there is "a lot of male responsibility … or maybe we should say irresponsibility."

Watch the full interview here.


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